Is it possible to go through the Christmas season without receiving presents?

For some people and families it is actually not possible to receive or give presents – some people do not have the finances to pay for things to give other people, even their family members.

Most of us, especially if you are reading this blog, will probably have enough resources to enable us to buy presents and give things to other people to help them feel happy. Sometimes those resources maybe access to a credit card or dip into savings or cash saved ready for the season.

Sadly there are many people who do not have any such resources – they may not have even enough food for the season, and also may not have shelter ie a reasonable place to stay or live.

So how do we relate to these circumstances during this Christmas season?
How do we reconcile our having resources for those people who have none, or very little.

It’s hard to reconcile because we are accustomed to this season being about us – whether personal us, family us or church and organisation us. It’s hard to have a perspective from the other side, the side that is not able to participate in the receiving and giving.

Some churches have decided that the Christmas season is about “others”, not us. So they have a focus on caring for others such as presents for children whose parents, guardians, carers do not have the resources to pay. Some churches’ focus is to serve meals and other caring acts for people and families especially in this season when festivities seem to overtake the social scene, causing it to be a ‘lonely time for some people.

Churches can develop a culture of “other focus” – caring and sharing for people who do not have their own resources to be festive.

What is the posture of your family, your church or your organisation in this season?
Maybe you have a budget to facilitate your generosity?
Maybe this is a challenge for next year, to include a plan and budget to be generous, especially in the festive season
Let’s all try  the best we can to consider that it is not a “Christmas season without presents”

Blessings for you this Christmas as you pass on the joy to all the people around you