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Confused by the Government’s Cash Boost? Here is some help!

What does the government’s cash boost mean? The Intent of the Cash Boost The overall intent of the cash boost is to Support Employment and assist in the payment of

Surviving in the new world of Self Isolation – A New way to Give

How will the Church survive financially? This question arises as we consider the impact of CV19 on church finances. We need to help church members maintain their financial support of

Staying connected with your team or group – when alone, or working from home

We are being encouraged to “self isolate” or quarantine ourselves So, during this time it is very important, even essential, to stay connected with other people. This is especially important

Non-Property assets, what do you do with them? Depreciate or not?

Church accounting for assets and depreciation These notes relate to non-property assets - such as ministry activities’ equipment, furniture, vehicles, office equipment,  - ie not land and buildings and not

Change to Modern Award – Annualised wage arrangements This may affect your full-time clerical staff!

There is a change to the award system that may affect your employees, effective March 1st. As you may have seen in the press about this update from the Fair

Sinking Funds for Churches have Sunk!

It has been a long-time common practice for churches to “set aside” money for future spending. This has been particularly used in the area of property maintenance and improvements. It

How to… Prepare the GST reconciliation report

Year end is a busy time for the bookkeepers, accountants and treasurers for churches. There are a lot of reports and a lot of detailed accounting work that must be

How to … Prepare and present the Payments Transactions Report from Xero.

Payments Transactions Report from Xero, this has been one of the commonly requested report forms requested by our clients. Many people have been using spreadsheets for the church bookkeeping and

Don’t get caught unprepared! Be ready for the upcoming Audit or Assurance Review!

2019 is gone and a new year, a new decade has begun! So now, for most churches and many not for profit organisations, it is time to prepare for your

Superannuation Guarantee Contributions (SGC) is changing the way that it is calculated.

From 1 January 2020, salary sacrifice amounts can no longer be used to reduce your SGC obligations Payments made on or after 1 January 2020 will be assisted by Xero

Are you paying people legally for their services?

Our experience in working with hundreds of churches is that many churches often do not classify and process all payments to people legally. They pay cash* to people and expect

Christian Leaders need to be above reproach

This article is another in our series about “5 Principles to Raise the Financial Management of your church for God’s Glory”. This time we focus on Principle 1 - We

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Jeanette and Cecil, Benkorp’s founders, are accountants and have always had a desire and passion to help churches, not for profit organisations and small businesses streamline their financial management systems.

Organisations need access to the financial information to ensure effective management and growth.

The team at Benkorp are ready to serve you and your organisation to ensure your high standards of financial management.

We are Xero Experts

After working with MYOB, QuickBooks and MoneyWorks for over 20 years Benkorp has specialised in Xero Accounting Software for the past four years. Xero is a completely online system that allows unlimited number of invited users access from anywhere there is internet access. It has so many amazing features that save time and money.

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“Through developing a relationship with the owners of Benkorp, I realised they had integrity.  They take their work and its outcomes seriously. I really appreciate the knowledge that Benkorp has.   I have found by using their services, I am much more organised and efficient.  My business is doing well and keeping up with its obligations, thanks to the support of Benkorp.” Henry Holt


Sash Window Repairs and Painting

"The staff of Benkorp respond and attend to our needs unfailingly. Quality customer service can be hard to come by these days, but with Benkorp we experience a team who are approachable and alert. Benkorp’s experience with Xero has streamlined our accounting significantly, bringing greater efficiency without disrupting our operations.  We’re grateful that Benkorp’s expertise is available at our fingertips." Kent Crawford

UCA Sydney Presbytery

"During the past 5 months Benkorp assisted in the installation of the Xero Accounting Software.  I have found Benkorp to be both courteous and professional, possessing a wide knowledge of the product. My initial contact with Benkorp was generated through the Sydney Anglican Diocese and I would have no hesitation in recommending Benkorp to any client needing the services of a very professional accounting services organisation." Alan Newing

All Saints Anglican Figtree

"Since having Benkorp process our accounts, we know that everything is done the way the diocese wants it done and at the end of the year, the audit has been very smooth. We were not skeptical before using Benkorp as they had been very useful to our parish with sorting out our accounts and BAS details before we contracted their services permanently. What settled the decision for us was that Benkorp is closely aligned with the Sydney Diocese Accounting process and provides a continuing service when the parish wardens are elected on an annual basis."

Edwina Waddy

St Peters Anglican Church - Cremorne

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