For you and your Xero accounting system.


We are here to Help you!

New to Xero and not sure what to do next? Something not quite right when it’s time to print out that report you need?
Maybe you just need some guidance to use your Xero Accounting Software better?
No matter what the problem is, we can help you.

We provide 3 different services: Support, Training and a Accounting & Fix-Up. Each is unique and could incur unwanted cost if you don’t understand the type of assistance that we provide.

So, before you contact us, read the descriptions below to ensure that we can give  you the correct type of help to meet your needs.


Benkorp helping you with problem solving issues in your Xero – by troubleshooting. We assist you to sort out problems and issues.


Teaching you to learn more about how to use your Xero accounting system or teaching you improved ways of using your Xero.

Accounting and Fix-Up Service 

Is the team at Benkorp doing the special accounting work for you in your Xero accounting system, such as: year end adjustments, correcting transaction allocations, correcting payroll setups, correcting NCB/MEA setups and transactions.

The Support Process:

Send us a Assistance Request Form with details of the issue or problem you are experiencing

Support is for technical issues

  • describe what is, or is not, happening and ask your questions
  • attach any relevant screen shots.

One of our team will respond to you

Training request Process:

Send us a Assistance Request Form indicating what topics or aspects of your Xero accounting system you would like training, examples

  • how to process certain types of your transactions
  • how to better use chart of accounts and tracking
  • the best way to setup your payroll
  • how to customise a special report you need
  • how to use a particular function in Xero you are not sure about, eg how do I create – – –

Indicate some options for your available time for the training session/s one of our team will respond to you.

Accounting & Fix-up service Process:

Send us a Assistance Request Form with a request for Benkorp to do the special accounting work for you in your Xero accounting system. Identify your needs as clearly as possible such as:

  • entering the year end adjustments
  • correcting transaction allocations
  • correcting the payroll setup
  • correcting NCB/MEA setups and transactions

*NOTE: We will discuss this with you before doing any work on your Xero system

Are you a Xero Subscriber or have an Assistance Plan with Benkorp? 

Did you know that we have a Priority Support service? Benkorp Plus+  This service includes discounted prices on Training and Accounting & Fix-up services, as well as, Support within 24 hours of your request!

For more information CLICK HERE head to Benkorp Plus+ section.

Not sure what you need?

Talk to one of our team to discuss the needs of your church. 

Even if you don’t have a Xero Subscription or Assistance Plan with us,

we are still able to help you! 

We can still help with your request! Submit an assistance request and we will contact you via email within 48 hours.


Fee for Ad Hoc Requests

Support Fee

$50 +GST per 15 mins block

Training online – min. 1 hour

From $165 +GST
Accounting & Fix-up – min. 1 hour From $150+GST

To request assistance to fill out a support request and a briefing of the problem/s of you are having with your accounting in Xero, and the service you need.