About Us

Benkorp Management Services began in 1994 with the two directors Jeanette Korporaal and Cecil Benjamin.  

Jeanette and Cecil are accountants and have always had a desire and passion to help small and medium businesses and not for profit organisations streamline their financial management systems.

They know that access to quality financial information is needed by management and boards to effectively manage and grow their organisations. 


What Sets Us Apart

We want you and your organisation to grow and prosper.

Benkorp has a unique combination of passion, history, expertise and personality to help you.  

We can help you to improve and streamline the financial management of your organisation by using our expertise and experience.

Because you want quality and timely financial information, so that you can lead your organisation strongly into the future, we are passionate to help you achieve these results. 

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25 years providing these services

Jeanette Korporaal and Cecil Benjamin set up Benkorp in 1994.
Qualified accountants, each had over 20 years previous corporate financial management and administration experience. Immediately prior to Benkorp they were both church pastors. 

1,200+ SME's & Not for Profit Organisations

Benkorp has worked with over 1,200 SME and Not for Profitorganisations. We were a leader with systems implementations during the introduction of GST and BAS in Australia.

Benkorp specialises in systematic procedures to assist clients with best practice and efficient systems. Benkorp has also provided these same services to NFPs (NGOs) in other countries. Since 2012 we have steppedup into accounting in thecloud using Xero Accounting Software.


600 + Churches

Benkorp has been providing services to churches since 1994. In 1999 Benkorp established a relationship with SydneyAnglican Diocese and Uniting Church NSW Synod when we developed astandard accounting package with support services for each denomination. Since then wehave set-up, trained and supported over 600churches, including Crosslink, C3, Baptist, Presbyterian and independents/non-denominationals in Australia and other countries. 

Where we are today

After many trips to Cambodia, Kenya & Uganda to provide training in business and financial management, Cecil & Jeanette moved to Cambodia in 2010. There we set up accounting systems and provided training for local accountants/bookkeepers in Christian Churches and Not for Profit Organisations. We also provided training on starting and running businesses for young Cambodians living in Phnom Penh.

Since our return to Sydney and the rise of online/web based systems Jeanette has focused on Xero Accounting software. She says that she “will never go back to desktop accounting systems. Xero is sooo much easier it is a game changer!!” During the past 4 years we have set up over 100 organisations with Xero.

We are now based in Glebe, Sydney.

Our Team

Jeanette Korporaal MIPA

Jeanette Korporaal MIPA


BCom BTh Cert IV Training & Assessment
BAS Agent, Xero Advisor, Payroll  & Migration Certified

Jeanette has a passion to work with people to raise the standard of financial management of organisations to help them achieve their goals. In her spare time she loves her family, friends and church.

Cecil Benjamin

Cecil Benjamin

Marketing Director

Cert Accounting

Cecil has many decades of years of experience with churches and small businesses. He has a particular passion to help people set up businesses in Australia and developing countries and has just published his first book: Business with a Spicy Edge.

Karen Deutscher MICB

Karen Deutscher MICB

Accounts Manager

Cert IV Accounting  Dip MIn
BAS Agent, Xero Advisor, Payroll & Migration Certified

Karen has many years of experience as business owner, school business manager, bookkeeper, (especially in a church environment) and minister’s wife.  Lover of movies and socialising with her friends, family and grandchildren.

Winston Reyes

Winston Reyes


Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Xero Advisor & Payroll Certified

Winston has many years of accounting experience in varying businesses and organisations. He has a sharp mind and loves working near his home and family.

Crizel Sanchez

Crizel Sanchez


Bachelor in Business Administration
(majoring in Finance and Accounting)
Xero Advisor & Payroll Certified

After graduating Crizel has been working in the accounting field for different organizations. In her spare time she enjoys reading, hiking and playing badminton.  She also likes spending time with her family and friends.

Helping Others

We work closely with NGOs in Cambodia whose missions are to grow the capacity of Cambodian people.  

Since 2015 Cecil has been volunteering periodically with several local NGOs especially to help them raise the standard of their financial management and improve their financial sustainability. His work has included mentoring local business startups towards growth and success.  

Recently, Jeanette and Cecil have helped a local accounting specialist setup their own accounting and bookkeeping firm based on the Xero Accounting system.