Xero is updating their terms of use effective from 1st Dec 19

They are joining a trend of corporate organisations to simply their terms of use and remove as much legal jargon as possible.

You may have forgotten, but when you accept an invitation to access Xero, you also tick the box stating that you accept Xero’s terms and conditions

These are our legal rights and obligations, so we should read them and if you can’t agree to our terms, then you can’t use Xero!!

The new terms of use are broken into separate sections. Here is a quick summary and link to the detail of each section. We hope you will find this break up and quick explanations helpful and maybe remove some reluctance to learn about the terms of use when we use Xero

Joining and using Xero

how to subscribe to Xero and use Xero’s services – roles, users, subscribers




Paying for the subscription and extra services based on the pricing plan



Data Use and Privacy

We grant Xero permission to use, copy, store analyse our data to enable them to store, protect, improve & develop new and market services. Privacy Notices



Confidential Information

Xero takes reasonable precautions to protect your confidential information and expect us to do the same for our data




Xero takes security seriously. They have a lot of security features in place. There us information about the security measures Xero takes and our responsibilities as well.



Apps and third-party products

Xero ecosystem includes apps and other products and services made available by trusted partners. The terms and conditions of these providers are set by them



Maintenance, Downtime and data loss

Xero tries very hard to minimise downtime, but this is necessary sometimes. We will not be compensated for downtime



Do’s and don’ts

Outlines how we can and cannot use Xero’s services eg don’t undermine or damage the security, integrity or functions of the data or features of Xero




Subscriptions can be easily terminated with one month’s notice. Xero can terminate our subscription in certain circumstances



Liability and indemnity

Outlines the liability terms between us and both subscribers and invited users. We indemnify Xero from any loss from using Xero




This section outlines how disputes may be resolved. Mostly through Xero Support



Important Housekeeping

Some additional terms eg Xero does not provide professional advice, relationship between parties



It is important to take some time to read these one by one.

Interesting but also, very reasonable as they need these terms to be able to provide the Xero services we have come to love and rely on.

Let us know if there is anything about this topic, or any other topic related to the financial management of organisations.