Xero has a great Account Transactions Report 

It has just been enhanced with even more capability

You can customise your Account Transactions Report to suit your search and transaction edit needs

The Account Transactions report is one of Xero’s top three most-used reports. 


It shows you:

  • exactly what’s coming in and out of your accounts, and 
  • how transactions have been recorded in Xero, and 
  • use it to find coding errors and 
  • validate figures in both the Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports.

This week, Xero starts to roll out changes to give us more flexibility in how you use Account Transactions reports. These changes will help us save time, by allowing us  to tailor the report to our needs, without the need to pull data from a number of different sources and spend time organising it the way you like. 

You’ll be able to:

  • exclude accounts that have been archived from the Accounts dropdown menu
  • show opening balances on Profit and Loss (Revenue and Expenses) accounts
  • sort by account code without losing your opening balances
  • show accounts with no transactions in the period (accounts with an opening balance, those with a zero balance, or both)

Transactions in the Account Transactions report can also be sorted, grouped and summarised by almost everything:

If you are not using Xero, 

  • would you like to have this flexibility in your accounts reporting?
  • how can we help you enhance the reporting for you financial accounts?