We’re all approaching a cliff near the end of September, the “cash cliff”
Will you ‘fly or fall’?

Here are some reflections on what this can mean for our churches and organisations and ourselves, including some practical points about what can be done now.

As you know by now the JobKeeper wages subsidy will be concluding at the end of September. All the stimulus package options are under review now. Even with the announcements due very soon about what’s next it is time  to plan now.

How have you planned for this?
Have you planned beyond this for the finances of your church, organisation, business and your personal circumstances?
Without the subsidies how will you continue to pay the staff whose payroll has been subsidised for the previous 6 months, how will your personal finances fare?

We are approaching a cliff, a “cash cliff”.

This is a new scenario for the Australian economy
Many economists and finance industry advisors as talking about this. Meanwhile the Prime Minister Scott Morrison is being urged to deliver direct cash for families and extend JobKeeper.

Australians are approaching a fiscal cliff.
While household cash flow has increased in recent months thanks to the government’s stimulus packages we are approaching the end of this road.

hatever the cost of going forward it will come with an ‘eye-watering cost’

The shock surge of virus cases, in Victoria and some in NSW, is adding urgency to the calls for extending the subsidies – in some form.

Why is this important for churches and NFPs?

Simply said, there will be ramifications for all of the charity sector – churches and NFPs

There has been nothing like this in our experience for us to gauge what is happening and forecast what is likely to happen over the next 6 to 12 months

So the question remains: what can we do about this for our church or organisation?

Let’s take a moment, step back and consider this as Christians.
What does this mean for our church or organisation and ourselves:

What do we need?

  • Faith and Trust in God
  • Wisdom – God’s wisdom and understanding
  • Change – we need to be prepared to pivot for change
  • Holy Spirit inspired scripture-based teaching for the people
  • Holy Spirit inspired financial planning for people, churches and organisations

When times were dark in the past God raised-up leaders and prophets to understand the times and encourage the people forward as they were led by God.
We need the same today – and we need to trust that God will again help us.

It’s not just about prime ministers and presidents, business and financial gurus, we need God’s counsel and we need discernment to know who to listen to – believe and follow. We all need communities of faith where we can do this together – local communities networked with other believing communities.

Be inspired and encouraged:

  • Ancient Abraham pivoted even as he was very old and became the father of the nations
  • Ancient Moses had to pivot for change or die
  • John the Baptist’s disciples weren’t keen for change
  • The pharisees wouldn’t change and missed out
  • Judas Jesus’ disciple wouldn’t change and suicided
  • Peter Jesus’ disciple pivoted and stepped out into history
  • Apostle Paul pivoted, took the challenge and went out

Practical things that we each can do

  • be in a community prepared to listen and change
  • be in a small group who talk about these things, discuss possibilities and pray for each other
  • share ideas and especially about what God is saying
  • be alert to what is being taught – Biblical, trustworthy, prophetic
  • be alert for news, facts, announcements – not just opinion and interpretation
  • do some financial planning  – for yourself, family and church or organisation
  • assist other people who are not adept at planning and allowing for change in the circumstances

How to do the financial planning part

  • prepare a budget forecast and cash flow, setup it up to be flexible: 3, 6, 9, 12 months
  • assess any issues, gaps, under and over periods
  • liaise with ATO if necessary to manage tax payment commitments

We are approaching a cliff – what are you doing to prepare to “fly and not fall”?

Benkorp has a range of ways that we can assist in helping you manage your financial preparations. Contact us to discuss your needs: