Audit doesnt have to be a year-end ordeal 

Maybe you have completed the audit for year end?

Maybe you are rushing now to compete the church accounts and need just the final approval? 

This is the opportunity to consider the simpler and cheaper alternative to an audit. 

You can have this prepared for your churchs next year-end accounts and approval process. 

Many churches are wondering about their annual accounting audit 

    • It’s a nuisance getting all the paperwork together! 
    • How do we get all the docs to the auditor to check? 
    • We cant work on our current accounts while the auditors are checking the old accounts! 
    • After all that, the audit fees seem high, where is the value? 

The new service of Assurance Review is available now for churches. It is simpler and cheaper than the traditional audit. The Xero Accounting system is an ideal background for the review.
The review team can directly access all the transactions, reports and supporting documents in your church
s Xero system.  

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Many churches are finding that their annual accounting audit fees are “quite expensive”. This is relative to their accounting which can be systemised and setup for non-accounting-trained people of the church, who are generally volunteers or a mix of staff and volunteers.  

The whole year-end accounts close-off is made easier, whether for audit or assurance review, by using processes and procedures that make it as easy as possible for your church to follow. Whether you are the treasurer, or admin/bookkeeper or a finance committee member wanting to make the role simpler.  All these are shared with you because we aim to support and assist churches. 

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