Crizel joined the Benkorp team in 2016 as an accounting specialist and bookkeeper. 

As an accounting graduate Crizel had gained some very practical experience before joining our team and was looking to increase her systems experience and exposure to practical international accounting. Often people in these positions are simply transactions processors but she was looking for more. 

 Crizel says about her place in the Benkorp team, “I like how we work together.  Having a good communication that helps each other with the task. Also, sometimes it doesn’t feel like work cause I enjoy every bit of what we do”. 


 At Benkorp Crizel is able to work with clients on their accounting systems.

Sometimes this involves directly maintaining the accounts in the client’s Xero accounting system – from transactions and bank reconciliation all through to reporting. At other times it is only month and quarter end processes.  


Since joining Benkorp, Crizel has learned the Xero accounting system thoroughly and continues training to maintain her effectiveness.
She has become certified as a Xero Accounting Specialist, a Xero Advisor and Xero Payroll Certified. 

Crizel also has another life apart from Benkorp too. She enjoys life with her family and siblings. Holidays of course are a real treat she enjoys with many spectacular places to visit like those in the pics. Crizel is a real team player, not only at work it’s also with her favourite sport playing badminton. 

No wonder Crizel likes this team, “ I love to eat. Spicy food? Yeah, I love my food to be a little bit on the spicy side.” 


If you are a Benkorp client and encounter Crizel when working with her, please introduce yourself.