People sometimes call us, saying:
“My Xero account is acting a bit weird, what does it mean?”
We ask, “what do you mean, what happens?”
“I can’t run transactions properly and I can’t run reports”

This is definitely an issue although generally it is not a cause for alarm.
Your Xero accounting system is ok and it is safe.
This is about optimising your internet performance for Xero operations
Occasionally your Xero account may seem to be acting a bit weird including, such as problems to run reports.
This generally means it is about time to clear your cache.

Web browsers, such as Google and Safari store information about the webpages you go such as searching and processing information.

They operate like this to save time loading and reloading webpages that request to look-up. The browser with your computer stores these webpage addresses, images and other media in an area called “cache”. It is a special high-speed memory that enables the computer and browser to work very fast. It is only temporary, simply to facilitate what you are working on “now”, for this time, as you are accessing this website. The speed and capacity depends on the capacity of the cache on your computer.

As you can imagine this cache memory will build-up huge volumes of data for every time you access the websites. Over time this cache can get “clogged”.
Specifically for Xero, you may not be able to access pages easily, process transactions easily or run reports.
There is generally nothing wrong with you or your computer.

Before you contact Benkorp or Xero support please make sure that you restart your computer and clear you “cookies and cache”.
Here is the Xero support page with instructions on how to do this for almost any web browser:

If you are still having problems with Xero, you can contact us for support: