During February we are presenting a series to help you reflect on your role as church treasurer and consider what is ahead for a church treasurer and the financial management of your church. 

For the outcome of these reflections, we hope that you will be encouraged to review your role, identify areas for improvement. We hope you will discuss any issues with your finance and management teams and progress into 2022 with renewed vigour to raise the standard of financial management in your church. 

These are challenging times for churches, small and large, and so there is a lot of consideration being given to ministry development and recovery from the impacts of the pandemic on churches. These considerations often include reviews of what has happened to the finances and even a review of the budgets.

Sadly, there is little, if any, consideration given to the role and responsibilities of the treasurer as he or she tries to guide the financial management of the church and the leadership.

This is the first in a series of 5 articles in which we will address the key issues for treasurers and church financial management. There will be lots of questions to help you consider the issues and lots of ideas to help you address the issues as you look for positive outcomes.

    1. This is the introduction for the series
    2. How are you going as treasurer?
    3. What is happening with the review of your church’s finances to recover from any pandemic negativity?
    4. When will your plans for the updated P&P be implemented?
    5. What are your plans for the role of treasurer in your church?

The series includes practical ideas and tips so that you can work through these considerations with us. As you may know the Benkorp has served, and is serving, hundreds of churches and therefore we are interacting with many treasurers day-to-day and throughout every year. 

This series of considerations is based on our experiences as well as our understanding of the role and expectations of the treasurer.

We invite you to work through these considerations with us 

At the same time, if you would like to discuss any points please book a call with me.