4th December 2018 Xero announced that it had over 1 million subscribers in Australia and New Zealand. It now also has over 1.5 million subscribers worldwide!!

Click here for Xero’s article – Thanks for giving us a million reasons to smile

Xero says “Thank you!” to all the supporters, users and encouragers of Xero

To make this clear…

    • Subscribers = paying clients
    • There is one subscriber for each organisation
    • Therefore, there are over 1m for profit and non-for-profit organisations using Xero for their financial management in Australia and New Zealand

Then what about the number of people using Xero – Users

Taking a guess of an average of 3 users per organisation.

(We have some that have over 10 users!! – but more and more users access have more that one organisation)

That is 3 million people are using Xero in Oz & NZ!! Amazing!

Benkorp has been using Xero since early 2012

We began using MYOB since 1995. The founders of the business, Cecil and Jeanette, were both MYOB Certified Consultants.

At the time MYOB software was an amazing product with a huge percentage of the small business accounting software in Australia – it was a great story. There was a huge take up of MYOB at the introduction of GST in 2000 and the “Y2K bug!!”

Crazy busy times!!

As we worked more and more with not-for-profit organisations we realised that MYOB did not easily enable the production of reports necessary for the financial management of not-for-profit organisations. Namely Month & YTD vs budget Profit & Loss reports for projects and/or donors.

Jeanette worked with another great New Zealand accounting software product called Moneyworks. This product had, and still has, amazing flexible reporting and inventory functionality. But No payroll and desktop software etc.

We attended a demonstration of Xero in the Wesley Centre in 2009 and was quite impressed – though quite dubious about the “whole cloud thing”. At that stage, Xero was not ready for our clients as it did not have payroll or jobs/tracking.

We looked at it again late 2011/early 2012 – and it was ready with Tracking (2 Categories – fantastic!!) and payroll and completely web-based!

We are now exclusively with Xero and we will never go back to all these datafiles, backups, rollovers, updates, upgrades etc etc

Thank you Xero!!

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