What does outsourcing mean for a church or non-profit?
How could a church have an external treasurer or bookkeeper?

We’ve received inquiries lately about the external treasurer & bookkeeping services.
In 2021 this seems to be more obvious than in previous years because of all the change and the issues caused by the covid and lockdowns.
Already we are in September and there are increased pressures on church ministry and leadership teams which are now exacerbated by having to investigate applying for possible government subsidies and support.
At this time of the year many churches are already reassessing how their accounts are being done: 

    • They are finding that the way the accounts have been done previously is not delivering results as necessary and the rules are uncertain. 
    • When asking about the possible subsidies it is very difficult for the bookkeeper and/or treasurer to find the details in the accounts without the accounts and compliance information up-to-date. 
    • Another obvious issue is that reports are late and still on spreadsheets and often without budget comparisons. 

Here are some of the specific challenges that can be addressed by considering outside services for your bookkeeper and treasurer roles:

    • We’re finding it difficult to identify a treasurer within our church
    • The existing treasurer wants to retire, so we need outside support
    • Members of our congregation don’t have enough time to do the bookkeeping, compliance and reporting 
    • The accounts are being done, but the reports are late and we’re not sure of their accuracy 
    • We seem to spend too much time processing all the accounts paperwork and transactions
    • The payroll and all the related issues are a struggle 
    • We are not sure about how to manage our ministry team members’ salary sacrifice and special expense allowances 
    • We need help to keep up with all the compliance changes and the correct timing: GST, STP, Superannuation, BAS, PAYG, ACNC, ASIC 
    • Members of our council and management teams are not confident to deal with financial reports 
    • There must be an easier way of managing the finances of our properties, departments, ministries, activities and special events 

Ministry teams and volunteers want to be involved in ministry and not worrying about the accounts.
An external bookkeeper or treasurer will take the pressure off the church’s staff team and volunteers so they don’t have to worry about maintaining the  accounting system.

So, how does it work?

      • The external services are provided by qualified professionals who specialise in bookkeeping and accounting for churches
      • Maintaining the accounting system. 
      • Facilitate preparation for the annual audit 
      • They will also ensure that compliance is completed efficiently and effectively.
      • They work with your finance/admin team to ensure that the financial reporting meets your needs and the reports are presented when required

Benkorp provides these services especially for churches and non-profits.

What can we do now? and, of course how much does it cost

    • the team at Benkorp will discuss  the various options with you
    • you can engage Benkorp to do all of the tasks and reporting or 
    • it is possible to share the workload between our teams – your team can do some of the basics and Benkorp can do all the remainder 

The fee depends on how the work is shared and is based on discussions with you. After agreement we work with you on an agreed schedule so that all the details are clear.
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