Struggling to free yourself from paperwork? 

Going paperless with Xero could be the key – reducing your time spent filing, searching, boxing and sorting. Plus you’ll have easily accessible documentation for all approved users at a moment’s notice. 

With over 30 years experience of bookkeeping & accounting under our belt here are Benkorp’s top tips for successful guilt-free going green!

Let’s take managing your finances to the next level!  Xero Inbox has a super-powered feature where you can forward or email direct from a scanner/photocopier, and then upload docs straight from your computer. 

Not only is it easy to attach documentation, but all types of transactions just got easier with this amazing tool – check out the full scoop here:

Quickly and easily streamline your accounting process with a 3rd party Xero Addon! Receipt Bank is an intuitive software designed to simplify the documentation processes of Purchases/Spend Money Transactions. With only minimal setup, you can effortlessly upload data from emails or devices directly into your account – faster than ever before! Plus, all documents are automatically saved and associated with each transaction in Xero for easy tracking – saving you time and hassle. Check out to get started today!

With Xero’s Expense Claims feature, your team members can take photos of their receipts on their phone and enter the detailed information into a structured approval process. This efficient solution for reimbursements reduces errors by allowing only limited accounts to be selected, thus saving bookkeeper time! For more details about this useful tool or instructions see our video & comprehensive notes here:

Ensuring that all transactions are well-documented not only provides the assurance of accuracy and protection, but also offers a liberating sense of autonomy. Every different type of transaction requires its own specific documentation – from Tax Invoices to Activity Reports or even Authorizations – ensuring freedom across multiple areas!

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