2019 is gone and a new year, a new decade has begun!

So now, for most churches and many not for profit organisations, it is time to prepare for your annual audit or assurance review.

Here are the main steps that we have developed over many years of working with hundreds of churches and many not for profit organisations as well as many auditors.

  1. Prepare a folder to gather all required documentation
  2. Liaise with the Auditors or Assurance Reviewers
  3. Compare your prior year audit report with the prior year reports
  4. Ensure all transactions have been entered for the year
  5. Banks and Petty Cash
  6. Current Assets
  7. Non-Current Assets
  8. Fixed Assets
  9. Creditors & Other Current Liabilities
  10. Non-Current Assets
  11. Payroll
  12. Other issues
  13. Reports
  14. Give your Auditor or Assurance Reviewer access

That’s it! Now you’re prepared

Contact your Auditor or Assurance Reviewer to start work!!

For the detailed checklist with explanations of the steps and work required click here to download our free checklist : [download id=”5772″]