I’d like to share with you how we can work together to assist the treasurer in the financial management of your church or organisation. 

One of those ways is by providing bookkeeping and accounting services. 

We’ve worked with churches and NFPs for decades in a professional and volunteer capacity and we understand how they operate.

So, How does it work?

Well,  We work with organisations to find exactly the right balance of work that we do and you do.

Here are 3 examples of how we work with particular churches. 

The first example is a church that has a good admin person on staff; with good computer and administrative skills. 

With some training and support they can deal with the basic accounts payables & payment transactions in Xero:

Then Benkorp does all the rest: such as  payroll, bank reconciliations, monthly accounts and reports and compliance and year-end audit preparation

Another example is an organisation where Benkorp does:

all the transaction processing

We set up the payments in the bank and the signatories authorise the payments online.

We do payroll, reconciliations and create the monthly reports.

We also do all the ATO Compliance STP & BAS,

and all the year-end work including audit preparation.

Another example is a church that has staff and good skills

They do all the regular processing of transactions, payments, payroll, bank recs and monthly reports

And Benkorp helps with the more difficult ATO compliance work, the year-end reconciliations, STP finalisations Audit Preparation and we provide support and advice when needed.

The treasurer in all these examples presents the reports to the Parish council or wardens or management committee, they are responsible for signing the audit report and, with the management team makes all the decisions.

Our processes are clear and always agreed with you before we start.

When we start with a new client we develop a schedule of tasks and timing so that we all understand our roles and responsibilities and the timing in which we are each to do our work.

Together we make sure that everything is done properly and on time. It works really well.

Why not book a call to talk about how we can work with your team to manage the finances of your organisation.

Begin working with Benkorp by signing onto any our Bookkeeping services for 12 month and we will give you the first month FREE*! Offer is limited until 30th June 2022. 

*Does not include Xero subscription or set up costs. Contract must be signed by the 30th June 2022. Contract must be for 12 month period. Not in conjunction with any other offer. 

Want to find out more information, Speak to one of our team: