The in-between time for Church accounts – it’s always a busy period
Are you Finalising 2022 or Getting Started with 2023?

January is often the time of year when church bookkeepers and treasurers are preoccupied with fun things and hoping that angels or fairies will come and get on with the accounts.

It is the time to finalise the accounts for 2022 and get started on the accounts for 2023. How are you going with all this?

If December is your end of financial year then you are not only reconciling you are reviewing all the accounts for your financial year.There is a lot to do with the close as well as get ready for the assurance review or audit and then all the reporting and the AGM. 

Do you have a program or schedule for this and do you have a checklist to be sure it all will be completed on time?
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If December is your mid-year close then you are also reconciling. It’s also time to consider how the finances are tracking as you look to the full year at June. Reports comparing to full year budget are very important for your managements team, especially in the current economic environment and uncertainties for church attendances and giving.

Often a mid-year review shows that there are processes to be reviewed and this is a good opportunity to revise and change so that the second-half flows are improved.

Do you have some issues that have been highlighted?
How will these be addressed, make a plan to resolve or work through? 

You are welcome to take this opportunity and discuss these points and your issues with a member of our team,
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