The end of financial year is almost here – only 26 business days away

Get ready for your organisation’s payroll year end.
There are several steps to do before you can finalise the payroll for your organisation.
It is essential to do it properly.
Xero will be providing some resources to help with payroll year end, we recommend that you take advantage of these resources.

Benkorp, as always, will provide any specific church related resources for this EOPY
Here are 3 resources for you:

  1. Log into Xero here to register for Xero’s webinar: “Process end of year payroll with STP”.
  2. Click here for Xero’s EOPY Payroll Checklist
  3. Click here for Xero’s “Resources for End of Financial Year”.

Whether you are year end June 30 or December 31, you will find this helpful. It includes a calendar for all the 30.6.2020 requirements for the ATO – BAS, IAS and JobKeeper

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