“Why does Benkorp ask for this information?”
This is a Request from your organisation for Benkorp to provide a proposal with fees for particular services using the Xero Accounting system.

Benkorp uses this information so that we can proceed, with a minimum of extra communications and time.
This form may take a while to complete. Please make sure that you are prepared with details of all financials, properties and accounts.
We suggest reading the service descriptions on the website prior to starting this form to be clear with your Requests

If you have an existing Xero system.

Benkorp would like access the Xero file to understand the status and context of your Proposal Request and review the transaction processing. 

This is important for Benkorp to prepare our proposal with fees.

An answer is required to each question, because this helps us understand the status of your accounts and requirements.
You can “save and continue later” if you cannot complete the form now