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Bank Feeds

These are some of the most commonly asked questions about bank Feeds.
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Q.  How do you import Bank Feeds
If you do not have direct bank feeds, they are not available for one of your accounts or you need to import transactions up to the day your direct bank feed started you will need to manually import your data.  Look at the dates of the last import and start that day.

Xero should find duplicates and not import them but helps to pick up any transactions that may have happened after your last import.

Each bank is a different in how to export the bank feeds so you can import into Xero.

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Q. How do you Set up Bank Feeds

Bank feeds let you automatically import account transactions into Xero from your bank or other financial institution. Once bank feeds are up and running, you’ll no longer need to download and import bank statements to get transactions into Xero.

There are 3 types of bank feeds

Banks and institutions supplying direct feeds in AUST

Setup is easy
To set up bank feeds, add your bank account in Xero.  If you can select your bank or financial institution’s name in the Find your bank search box, bank feeds are available for this bank.

Next, finish the setup

  • For direct feeds, check that your account type is eligible, then complete a PDF application form.
    Some banks also let you apply through online banking.
  • For Yodlee and PayPal feeds, set up and activate these feeds while you’re logged in to Xero.

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