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Staff & Volunteer Training

Onsite or online. For one person or many.

Our Training

Our staff are qualified and experienced having worked with over 1,000 different organisations since 1995.

Training with Benkorp is specifically focused for churches.

  • examples of transactions, activities and processes are specific for churches and include relevant forms and reports that are most useful.
  • always best practice and includes the techniques, procedures and tips that our team use in the regular ongoing bookkeeping and accounting provided for church clients
  • “we teach you the way we do it”

Aspects of the training include how to:

  • get the best results from full use of the CoA
  • best use Tracking Categories
  • enter offerings and donations, including NFP DGRs
  • attach various forms of documentation to each transaction
  • invoice customers for use of church facilities,
  • manage ministers non-cash benefit allowances
  • prepare ‘great reports’ especially applicable for churches
  • setup and file your STP
  • file your BAS directly from Xero
  • process batch payments to speed-up your admin procedures

Bonuses of training with Benkorp:

  • the benefits of our team working with over 500 churches and thousands of church people during 25 years
  • access to specially designed forms and procedures, unique for use in church accounting
  • in introduction to procedures and processes that can improve the connections between administration and accounts 

Financial Management

  • Reading Financial reports
  • Developing Financial Policies
  • Developing Budgets & Forecasts

Bookkeeping and Accounting

  • Preparation for Year end & Audit
  • Reconciliations
  • BAS/IAS & Payment Summaries

There are several training options

You are welcome to ‘mix and match’ by taking advantage of more than one option.

In-person training options 

When you need or prefer in-person training related to your church accounting on Xero these are the services especially for you. These are about the best practice accounting exclusively for your church.

Benkorp’s training with you means we work with you and your situation:

  • especially maximising the features and benefits of the Xero Accounting system for your church
  • particularities of the Chart of Accounts
  • using Tracking Categories combined with Chart of Accounts to get the best accounting results and produce the best financial reports for your church
  • streamlining and improving transaction processing – to save time, get the best results, simplify processes in-and-around your church as they provide info for accounting
  • how to read the financial reports, analyse the results, prepare for the next budget cycle, how to use the financial reports for the benefit of the ministries of the church

How Benkorp provides in-person training

Personal training means that the training is made relevant for you and your particular church, no matter which denomination, network or group.

In-person Online Training – Benkorp uses the Zoom platform

You will find Zoom is easy to use and provides:

  • easy interaction between yourself with your computer and your trainer at Benkorp.
  • shared screen allows both you and the trainer to identify and share any questions or issues by looking at each other’s screen (shared).

In-person Onsite Training

Convenient for you with your computer, internet and documents and processes:

  • these session/s are with one or two people from your church
  • we can meet at your office 

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From Our Customers


“My dealings with Benkorp have been great and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone. The whole process was so smooth and the staff at Benkorp were amazing. Let me sum it up by saying that it has been a great journey, an experience I value immensely.”

Dhammika Singham

Cherrybrook UCA

“I would absolutely recommend Benkorp’s services to others. The Xero product has been excellent for me as an accounting novice and the support and tailoring of the software to suit SDS requirements has been fantastic.”

Ian Watson

New Life Anglican Church Oran Park