For you and your Xero accounting system.

Support Services & packages

We are here to help you!

Support is help and problem solving, including:

Benkorp has been providing financial management services for Australian churches, Not For Profit organisations and  businesses for over 25 years. We’ve developed a well proven system to ensure effective and efficient financial management.

Some of the benefits include:


– assist you to sort out problems and issues


– our helping you learn improved ways of using your Xero

Support will generally start with your sending an email-briefing of the problems you are having

Focused Support



Whatever are your support issues, they can be addressed with these services by the Benkorp team:

* you may have a range of issues requiring an extended time to be worked through, such as taking over from another treasurer or simply ‘tidying up’ the accounts

* getting started with Xero and the church accounts

* maybe you are an existing user (from a business) wanting to become familiar with the particularities of church accounting

* maybe the church accounts have been on Xero for awhile and it’s time to review practices and procedures, especially for updated improvements in Xero or the church’s own processes or the latest in compliance requirements

Benkorp provides support via:


For a quick and clear response email is the simplest method to receive support.

  • Send us an email with details of your questions and issues and one of our team will respond asap
  • Then you can pickup the response in your own time


    Using the Zoom platform allows us to:

    • discuss the points live (with video at your discretion)
    • share screens so that we can work together on your accounts


    These session/s are with one or two people from your church:

    • we can meet at your office or the Benkorp Office in Glebe
    1. Priority Ongoing Support Package

    For priority response to assist you maintain your church accounting on your Xero accounting system, including:

    • email support – priority response guaranteed
    • occasional Phone Support via booking a phone all or giving notice to ensure that a Benkorp Support member can be available and prepared.  (approx 4 calls per year depending on time required)
    • access to Frequently Asked Questions as a resource
    • free access, by your representative, to the “Church Accounting closed Facebook Group” for discussions and input. This is a support group for people involved in the accounting bookkeeping and treasurer roles in their church. Input from Benkorp and discussion amongst your peers. See how others deal with issues and share your experiences or ask for ideas.

    Priority Ongoing Support Bundle fee: $45 per month

    2. Special request ad hoc Support

    Email request ad hoc

    when your church does not have a Support Package. (You are welcome to phone the Benkorp help line however there is not always a team member available immediately to answer the call and discuss the request)

    Email ad hoc support, minimum 15mins, fee $165 per hour

     Online one-to-one

    Using the Zoom platform allows us to:

    • discuss the points live (with video at your discretion)
    • share screens so that we can work together on your accounts
    • Benkorp’s support person will guide you by working on your church’s actual Xero system on your computer. 

    Book for minimum 1 hour sessions, fees $150 per hour

     Onsite one-to-one/two

    Meet at your office or the Benkorp Office in Glebe

    • learn how to use Xero
    • improve your use of Xero
    • review and revise the procedures and processes around your Xero accounting system

    Note the additional fees for our travel to your office/home

    Book for minimum 3 hour sessions, fee $165 per hour

    Request Support from the Benkorp team