1. Priority Ongoing Support Package

For priority response to assist you maintain your church accounting on your Xero accounting system, including:

  • email support – priority response guaranteed
  • occasional Phone Support via booking a phone all or giving notice to ensure that a Benkorp Support member can be available and prepared.  (approx 4 calls per year depending on time required)
  • access to Frequently Asked Questions as a resource
  • free access, by your representative, to the “Church Accounting closed Facebook Group” for discussions and input. This is a support group for people involved in the accounting bookkeeping and treasurer roles in their church. Input from Benkorp and discussion amongst your peers. See how others deal with issues and share your experiences or ask for ideas.
2. Group Support and Training as workshops

Sessions of a fixed number of hours, generally 3 hours

Book a series for a group with your treasurer such as your management team or wardens/leaders group, or finance committee

3. Special request ad hoc Support

Email request ad hoc

when your church does not have a Support Package. (You are welcome to phone the Benkorp help line however there is not always a team member available immediately to answer the call and discuss the request)

 Online one-to-one

Using the Zoom platform allows us to:

  • discuss the points live (with video at your discretion)
  • share screens so that we can work together on your accounts
  • Benkorp’s support person will guide you by working on your church’s actual Xero system on your computer. 

 Onsite one-to-one/two

Meet at your office or the Benkorp Office in Glebe

  • learn how to use Xero
  • improve your use of Xero
  • review and revise the procedures and processes around your Xero accounting system

Note the additional fees for our travel to your office/home


For more information about our support plans: