We are being encouraged to “self isolate” or quarantine ourselves

So, during this time it is very important, even essential, to stay connected with other people. This is especially important to be connected with the teams and groups that are ordinarily part of our networks of friends, associates and colleagues, home groups. This is different to “streaming of worship services”

There are some excellent platforms and apps available for everyone to use. Most are of these systems are free for general users.

At Benkorp this is a regular part of our business life because we are a remotely working team – ie most of us work remotely from others in our team at our home or in shared workspaces.

We use and recommend Zoom for staying connected with your teams too.

Zoom is great for churches, organisations and businesses. Zoom is easy to use, efficient on the internet and, when necessary, enables shared-screens to view actions on each person’s, especially the leader’s,  computer.

There are 2 ways to access Zoom:

  • Setup an account, necessary for the leader – but not required for the participants
  • Connect to a meeting online directly from your favourite browser

1. Zoom with an account

To setup an account, here is our video to help you: https://www.benkorp.com/benkorp-how-to-downloads-and-install-zoom/

Then go to: https://zoom.us/signup

Follow the prompts, and respond to the email verification requirements

This will require your personal/business details

As the leader or initiator of meetings you will need an account to that you can invite others to the meeting/s.

As people become familiar and proficient in using Zoom you can setup an account and then initiate meetings yourself.

2. Zoom with your web browser

To use directly through your browser, here is our video to help you.

It is brief with a few easy to follow steps, for your computer or smartphone:


To find out more or if you having difficulties any part of this technology, please respond here and we will get back to you very quickly.

You can also contact us on [email protected] or call Cecil on 0419 276 031‬.