Great to have a new phone… but then you try to use your Xero account and can’t Urghh! 

Follow these instructions to set up the Xero two step authentication (2SA) on your new phone. 

The old 2SA must be disabled first before you can create a new one with your new phone.

Click here for the detailed Xero instructions for a new phone

In summary,  

  • It is best to first disable your existing 2SA account in Xero, using your old app on your old phone first. 
  • If you no longer have access to your old phone, or have already deleted the authenticator app from it, you can use your current security questions to disable your existing 2SA account in Xero. There will be an option to do this when you try to log in to Xero. 
  • Once this is done you will set up the 2SA again with your new phone – you need to do this when you attempt to login into Xero again – then easy to follow the prompts again. 
  • If don’t have access to your old authentication app, and can’t remember the answers to your security questions, you’ll need to contact [email protected] to help you. This will take some time and require multiple forms of ID.

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