Payments Transactions Report from Xero, this has been one of the commonly requested report forms requested by our clients.

Many people have been using spreadsheets for the church bookkeeping and accounting which means there are can be doubts about the accuracy or contiguous transfer of data between sheets, workbooks and reports – some in MSExcel and some in MSWord.

At the some time older accounting systems carried forward procedures from previous systems and assumed people required list to prove transaction processing.

Consequently, members of boards, councils and committees carried forward their expectations of the form of lists and reports that had been prepared for them for many years. Nowadays there are many ways to ensure that the bookkeeping and accounts are prepared with accuracy.

Reporting can be simple and meaningful so that people with no-financial as well financial experience can review reports with confidence.

This is not the place to introduce you to a paper on the new environment for bookkeeping and accounting. So we encourage you to pursue improvements in the financial management and procedures for your church towards efficiency and effectiveness – usefulness. The place to start is, “why do we need this report?”

Meaningful reports make all the difference in financial managements.

Here is the procedure for the setup of a simple report for Payment Transactions:

Steps to create the report