The new Accounts Transactions report provides some amazing flexibility. 

Please click here for some information about this report provided by Xero’s new Help Central functions. 

We have customised some great reports that some churches love using this new Accounts Transactions report. One of these is what we call the Repairs and Maintenance Log 

Steps to create this report 

  1. Set up a Tracking Option for each of your properties. Click here for details on how to set up Tracking in Xero  
  2. Allocate tracking to transactions

  3. Produce the Report 
  • Go to Reports>All Reports>Accounts Transactions (New) 
  • Click on Accounts and select the property Maintenance accounts you want to include in the report   
  • Select/enter the Date Range 
  • Click Update 
  • Review the report and decide on the fields you would like to display. 
  • Click Report Settings 
  • Select the fields you wish to display 
  • Layout – select the Group by Tracking Category that includes the Tracking Options 


  • Click Update 
  • Click into the Report Header name Account Transactions and change to Property Maintenance Log 
  • At the bottom of the report click Save As Draft or Custom 

To find this report in future, go to Reports>All Reports>Drafts or Custom


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