Many people cringe when they see this word and simply think ‘geek speak’.

No longer

Security of our computers and the data they hold and access is very important and very valuable. If your system software hasn’t been hacked (ie the system software corrupted) just ask someone who has been hacked – it’s a scary situation.

The other circumstance is that your computer hardware may may have failed or simply stopped functioning. This happened for me recently, and so I needed to take the computer for repair.

As it went the system had to be reinstalled, reinstated. Normally when I take my computer for a checkup or software upgrade I make a backup beforehand. In this recent case I couldn’t because the computer was already failing. It was a major job reinstating the files – fortunately almost everything was already stored/backed-up in the cloud in different ways.

This is a prompt from our team at Benkorp to remind you of such challenges in your offices – at the church, your NFP or business, and your home.

Here is a helpful checklist which is easy for any church office and volunteers to implement on their local computers.

If you are using any files anywhere related to the church or other ministries or NFPs it is incumbent on you to be sure that your computer and all its connections, through the internet and local networks are secure. If you are the admin person or leader for your organisation,  cybersecurity you must facilitate oversight of this aspect of the administration and operations.

We recommend that you implement and maintain these 5 points – at a minimum.

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