Client Referral Ongoing bookkeeping


I hope you are well, especially in these strange times!
We also hope that Benkorp has been serving you and your church well.

Nothing makes us happier than helping people working and volunteering with organisations to spend less time working and worrying about the details and complications of bookkeeping, accounting & compliance, and more time with accurate and timely information to help serve God and grow the church and its people.

You’ve seen what Benkorp can do for your church or not for profit organisation firsthand, would you be willing to tell others about our services?

To thank you for your referral, if a not-for-profit organisation that you have referred commits to one of our services, Benkorp will donate $50 to the charity* ** of your choice (which could be your own Church!!).

All they have to do is to mention your name when they contact us about our services before 31 July 2022, and if the organisation you have referred commits to one of our services, we will contact you for the details of the charity you want us to give the $50 donation!

It’s just another way you can help others.

To do this you can just talk/text/Facebook message (or whatever) or send an email.
o make it easy for you, at the bottom of this email, we have provided some wording for you to easily copy and paste and send to your contact.

Do you have anyone in mind who might want to take advantage of that benefit?

Don’t leave it too long. This offer ends on 31 July 2022.


The Benkorp Team

*Must be a registered charity with the ACNC

**Must be an organisation that Benkorp has not had any previous communications.


Below is the email for you to copy and send to your contact. 

For an Ongoing Bookkeeping Client


Hi [Referral],

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it to you before, but Benkorp Management Services has been helping our organisation with bookkeeping and accounting for some time now and we have found them very helpful. They help us keep up to date with our accounts and reporting and make sure that we are compliant. They only work with churches and not-for-profit organisations. It saves us a lot of time and worry. We can relax knowing that our accounts and responsibilities are accurate and up to date.

I thought that these services may also help you with the financial management of your organisation as well.
If you want to explore Benkorp’s services further, send an email to Cecil – [email protected] or you can click here to organise a chat with him.

Here’s the link to their website which has a lot of information

I was prompted to tell you about them now as Benkorp is trying to help more organisations and will give a $50 donation to the charity of my choice if you sign up for any of their services. I was thinking to tell you about Benkorp anyway and this prompted me to do something about it!

I’ll leave the rest to you. I hope you can benefit from their services as we do.

Kind regards,

(Your name here)