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We are all absolutely Loving Xero. It is so much easier than MYOB.The staff love Xero Expenses.

Matthew Bowen

St Stephens Anglican Church Normanhurst

Why Xero is sooo good for Churches?

You are welcome to talk about Xero:

– if you don’t have it already and how it could be used in your Church , or 
– if you do have Xero already, talk about how it could be used more effectively 

What Xero Does

Xero is a simple to use, full accounting system that allows you to access your data anytime, anywhere.

Reduce the Cost

No need to buy, set up and maintain expensive server equipment

Committed to Security

Xero is more secure than most businesses could possibly provide with Bank Level Data Encryption

Everything in 1 Place

With all your data stored safely and in one place, it’s easy to work with others. 


Track your finances with accurate accounting reports.

Directly link to the ATO

Submit your BAS or pay Superannuation directly through the ATO.

Saves time

Significant Reduction in Data Entry with automated bank feeds and bank rules.


A Xero subscription provides you
with access to your church’s Xero Accounting system.

Unlimited number of users
Each user has access to functions per agreed permissions
Xero subscriptions are payable monthly in advance. Benkorp will invoice your Parish each month.
The subscription amount is based on the number of active employees on Payroll on your church’s Xero datafile, therefore, when you are not using Xero Payroll the number is 0.

Note: The Xero Subscription fee may vary over time, with appropriate notice given. See this link for Xero pricing. www.xero.com/au/pricing/


  • Send 20 invoices and quotes
  • Enter 5 bills
  • Reconcile bank transactions
  • Hubdoc
  • Submit GST returns
  • Cash Coding  


Subscription is
$35 per month (inc GST) 



  • Send invoices and quotes
  • Enter unlimited bills
  • Reconcile bank transactions
  • Payroll for 1 person
  • Hubdoc
  • Submit GST returns
  • Cash coding  


Subscription is
$70 per month (inc GST)

Comprehensive 5, 10, 20, 50

  • Send invoices and quotes
  • Enter unlimited bills
  • Reconcile bank transactions
  • Payroll for 4 levels of service (Up to 5, 10, 20 or 50 people) 
  • Advanced cash flow predictions 
  • Automate superannuation
  • Use multiple currencies 

    Subscription starts from 
    $90 per month (inc GST)

Xero set up service

  • use the Church Standard Chart of Accounts
  • basic Tracking Category set up for separate reporting, such as departments, ministries, properties, activities, events, missions
  • assistance to set up automatic bank feeds (or export-import for non-compliant banks)

Basic setup fee: $595 (excl GST)

  • BASIC XERO SET UP (as above) +
  • opening balances entered, mapped from your previous chart of accounts
  • Setup the Sales Invoice with a basic church relevant format

BasicPLUS setup fee: $795 (excl GST)

    • migrate up to 2 years transactions from 1 x MYOB to Xero (depending on the last “rollover” date)
    • make necessary adjustments to complete Xero Setup
    • See Essential details here: Migrate from MYOB to Xero FAQs
    • Note: A datafile Migration may not be the best approach for all churches with existing MYOB data files especially as the data coming over from MYOB is not good and/or the datafile needs a clean up! This will be determined in discussion with Benkorp on a case-by-case basis.

    C. Base fee - $695 + GST  - Migrate existing PC-MYOB file to Xero

    D. Accelerated Fee - $795 + GST - Migrate existing MYOB file when ANY of the following occur or are required:

    • the MYOB file to be migrate/Converted is an MYOB AccountEdge file
    • there are more than 100 jobs/Categories
    • the file size is between 350MB-800MB
    • the file has been previously migrated/converted to Xero before using Jetconvert conversion services
    • when there are more than 50 employees on the payroll
    • more history is required
    • when there are some File Verification Errors
    • additional customer, supplier & stock information is required
    • higher priority service required

    This Migration/Conversion is not possible when:

    • the file is over 800MB.
    • has complicated inventory eg negative inventory or Multi-Currency/locations
    • Files with negative inventory
    • Is an MYOB Essentials File
    • Includes WET/WEG taxes
    • Includes some unusual Tax Rates
    • there are more that 500 Jobs/Categories
    • the MYOB file is corrupted
    • the MYOB file version is too old
    • There are multiple deposits applied against an order
    • there maybe other unforeseen reasons
    • convert your current church Xero system to the Church Standard Chart of Accounts
    • includes conversation with your liaison person to confirm mapping (max 45 mins)
    • make adjustments to existing accounts eg Journals if required
    • review and correct Advanced and Organisation Settings as necessary

    Convert one existing Xero file to Church standard setup starting from $425 depending on the complexities within the file. 


    • When there are complications in the Chart of Accounts, Tracking Categories and Opening balances, we will review and discuss with you - examples, COA very many accounts, >100 jobs.
    • If any of these matters arise, and additional services are necessary, we will discuss with you and obtain your agreement before we begin.
    • Additional fees, of $150 per hour, may apply and will be discussed with you before commencing .

    Additional fees if:

    – there are more than 100 jobs/Categories
    – the file is greater than 350MB

    • it is necessary to re-make or re-run a migration, because of technical issues with your MYOB datafile, may require an additional fee as per arrangements with the conversion service, JetConvert.
    • the datafile file has been previously been migrated to Xero using the Jetconvert conversion services. This is because the migration process may impinge on the MYOB datafile
    • Additional fees may apply and will be discussed with you before commencing

    There are special services for Payroll setup

    This is for a church who prepares the payroll locally. 2 services available:

    1. Payroll Basic setup includes:

    The basic payroll facility and settings, includes payroll categories, calendar/s, super funds

    Fee for Payroll Basic setup $200 (excl GST)

    2. Payroll Full setup includes:

    *using the Benkorp payroll information forms

    Detailed payroll setup of individual employees, within the Basic setup settings, includes:
    - basic employee details
    - wages, deductions, leave, benefits
    - superannuation
    - payroll special benefits, such as salary sacrifice, NCB, 
    - carried forward balances

    Fee for each Standard employee without benefits: $75 per employee (excl GST)
    Fee for each Benefits employee with MEA, MEF, NCB or PBI salary sacrifice: $150 per employee (excl GST)


    Creation of non-standard report.

    $150 per hour. Minimum 1 hour.

    We are Qualified to Set Up

    • Xero Accounting Software – Gold Partner – Preferred

    Benkorp offers expert and personalised service to set up a customised Xero accounting system for your organisation.
    Our staff are qualified and experienced having worked with over 1,100 different organisations since 1995.

    xero gold partner