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    On this order it is MANDATORY to Select: 1 Setup Option + 1 Training Option + 1 Subscription Option. Please select any optional additional services as required
  • # travel fees payable for onsite services provided over 20kms from Sydney GPO ($75 per hour +50c per km) # group training fee to be discussed
  • NOTE ABOUT SUBSCRIPTIONS: *Number of employees paid during the month regardless of the number of times they were paid and if they were full time, part-time or casual.

    PAY DIRECT WITH XERO: if you have a problem in paying monthly by Credit Card, contact Benkorp for other arrangements

    XERO NFP DISCOUNT of 25% is included in these prices. The discount applies only if paid by your credit card as the Xero subscriber. If you wish Benkorp to be the subscriber choose "We will pay to Benkorp" option.

  • Additional Services Inquiry - Order

  • $150 per hour onsite minimum 3 hours (Price excludes GST) * NOTE over 20kms from Sydney GPO ($75 per hour +50c per km)
  • $135 per hour online minimum 2 hours (Price excludes GST)
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    Please Provide us with all of your bank account details.
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  • You will need to provide opening balances up to the previous day.
  • Include Bank, Account name, BSB, Account number for each account.