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You will find information about the accounting package exclusive to Presbyterian Churches in NSW:

  • background
  • the Xero accounting system
  • links to order a package for your church
  • links for training and general updates

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Benkorp & the Presbyterian Church NSW

Benkorp works with the General Office finance team to develop, and maintain the church accounting package specifically for Presbyterian Churches in NSW. 

Local churches have their own financial responsibilities as well as compliance with government and taxation requirements and reporting to the General Office.

Benkorp has significant experience and understanding of the requirements of church accounting. This experience is now applied to this project to help raise the standard of financial management for all Presbyterian churches in NSW.

We understand how demanding the responsibilities are in a local church and especially for volunteers and staff.

There is a solution for your church with some options for setup and ongoing support.

What is PCAP: Presbyterian Accounting Package?

It is the package specifically designed for use in local Presbyterian churches in NSW with the setup provided free for all local Presbyterians churches in NSW.
PCAP is built on the Xero accounting platform and designed to last for the long term.  It will provide you with full bookkeeping functionality as well as streamline your reporting, internal and external.
The PCAP package is available now and has several services.

Find out how to get started using this new package

Benkorp will set up a new fresh accounting system for your Church and include features specifically for your local congregation.There are several services being offered including the setup, training and ongoing support.


Do you need help with your bookkeeping and accounting?

Are you having any difficulty keeping up-to-date with the accounts or reporting?
Is your treasurer too busy to do all the bookkeeping, and needs help with reporting or the BAS?

Benkorp is available to provide all or part of your bookkeeping and accounting functions – regularly or during staff/volunteer absences.

We provide a range of Training options though the Presbyterian Accounting Package.

All training for PCAP is exclusive for the Presbyterian Church in NSW.

References to forms, requirements, reporting and other features all refer to materials of the GO, the CFO and/or the Presbyterian website.

PCAP Online Training Series

The online training is provided for you in a video series available for your personal login.

It is supported by the GO to assist all churches get started with using their new Xero PCAP system. For all inquiries please email [email protected]

Each new user of PCAP will receive an invitation to Register for the video training. Then you can login and register yourself. There is an introductory video to help you learn how to use the system and then the system will assist you by tracking your progress through the training.

Other training available for PCAP users:

The training video series

  • group training at various locations when several churches 
  • face-to-face personalised training.

Contact Benkorp to discuss your situation and need for any extra assistance ENQUIRE HERE

Welcome to PCAP from the General Office


“The Presbyterian Church of NSW Accounting Package (PCAP) has been developed to provide consistency and support for local Churches with financial management in: 

  • managing their financial accounting, 
  • reporting for their Committees 
  • government compliance regulations, and 
  • annual reporting to the General Office. 

The development work has been undertaken jointly by the General Office and Benkorp Management Services. 

Benkorp are certified Gold Level Advisors for the Xero accounting system and with considerable experience in church accounting. Benkorp provides the initial setup and training and on-going technical support for PCAP to assist Churches best utilise the product. 

PCAP is made available to the Churches subject to the terms of the Licence Agreement. 

May the blessing of wisdom be with you in your successful implementation of PCAP and we trust it will assist you in the effective stewardship of your Church’s finances.”

Steve Smith –  Chief Financial Officer          
General Office 
Presbyterian Church of NSW 



More information and Prices relating to the PCAP Package

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