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Uniting Church

Let’s talk about streamlining your church’s accounting

Benkorp & the Uniting Church

Benkorp has been working with the Uniting Church for over 25 years
We have a passion to raise the standard of financial management for His Glory! . The Uniting Church Administration Package (UCAP) is an easy to use supported bookkeeping & accounting system designed for Uniting Church Congregations.
We understand how demanding the responsibilities are in a church and especially for volunteers.

Change of Treasurer or need a fresh start in your church accounts?

Benkorp can set up a new fresh accounting system that is built to last for the long term and will streamline your reporting internally & externally.

Do you need help with your bookkeeping and accounting?

Are you having any difficulty keeping up-to-date with the accounts or reporting?

When you need some help or a change in the way you have been managing your finances Benkorp is available to take over all or part of your bookkeeping and accounting functions. Available for temporary support or regular ongoing bookkeeping.


Do you want training to ensure that everything is being done properly and efficiently as possible?

We can provide training and support for your volunteers and staff to ensure that your congregation’s obligations to the ATO and UR or UFS are met.

We can help you ensure that you receive accurate financial information efficiently so that you can manage the finances of the congregation properly.

Present timely, relevant, accurate, and including budget comparisons for your members or Church Council. The Annual Financial Return (AFR) for UR is prepared as a standard report.

From Our Uniting Church Customers


“Sydney Presbytery’s Standing Committee recently undertook a formal assessment of our organisational capacity. One key outcome of that survey was outstanding results in the area of Financial Management: our systems, budgeting and decision-making. We are grateful for our strategic partnership with Benkorp, our shared use of Xero accounting software, and the strong working relationship Benkorp maintain with our Business Manager.

Thanks to all at Benkorp for your professional and efficient services that help produce these outstanding results.”

Kent Crawford
UCA Sydney Presbytery

“Yes I was unsure about using Benkorp as I have tried to work with other systems in the past and found them difficult to master. However I had taken on the position of Treasurer at our Church and the Committee were keen to go in this direction.
Whilst I have found it very challenging I have enjoyed reaching a level where I can use the system and have since decided to use Xero for my personal Superfund.
I would Recommend Benkorp to others as I have found Jeanette and Karen very supportive through my learning.” David Elphick


St Andrews South Turramurra UCA

“When our church decided to change the way the accounts are being kept, I did my research.  I have quite a lot of accountant friends who helped me along to make my decisions.  I contacted the various other Uniting Church Treasurers for their advice and am pleased to state that the recommendation was Benkorp….Cecil was great.  He was patient and educated me along the way, as my background is not accounting.  So for me from the get go, the experience in dealing with Benkorp has been nothing but a pleasure.
I was introduced to Jeanette and she’s a gem, a great asset to the company.  There were many a questions and I am sure I must have provided much frustration but she was very patient and forthright with giving information…. I must have hassled Jeanette so much but not once was she rude.  She even sent her responses during the weekend.  That is putting the customer first, very rare these days.
It was the people that I dealt with, that helped decide to go ahead with Benkorp.  A package can be great but if I can’t get the assistance required, the exercise will become futile…My dealings with Benkorp have been great and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.
The whole process was so smooth and the staff at Benkorp were amazing.  Let me sum it up by saying that it has been a great journey, an experience I value immensely.”Dhammika Singham


Cherrybrook UCA

Descriptions for the

Church Accounting Packages

The following services will be provided for churches using Benkorp Management Services.

Simply read the Descriptions here about these services, and then complete an Order Form for the services that you require. 



A Xero subscription provides you with access to your church’s Xero Accounting system.


  • unlimited number of users
  • each user has access to functions per agreed permissions
  • best for each user to use their personal email address (not as church general email address) because each access is personal and not available to anyone else. No sharing of personal access. A personal login allows the person access to all Xero organisations where they have authorised login.
  • employee portal for personal access to employment pay and leave records
  • Reports – full range of standard and customisable reports. Benkorp provides the standard reports for your denomination as applicable
  • Dashboard – the quick reference set of data on your desktop, individualised by each users, Stay more closely connected to money coming in and going out

The subscription amount is based on the number of employees paid in a month through your church’s payroll on Xero

Note: When you are not using Xero Payroll the number is 0.


Xero subscriptions are payable monthly in advance, and will be billed by Benkorp to your Church.

Compare and consider if this plan is right for you:


Bank reconciliation

Invoices and quotes


Payroll employee

$ Month subscript



20 total

5 total









Premium 5






(Prices excl GST)


The Xero Expenses App on your phone offers organisations a more efficient way to manage expense claims.

The Expenses App facilitates the submission of expenses by employees, volunteers and others whom the church reimburses directly for their spending on behalf of the church.


How the Expenses App works:

  • the claimant enters details of their claim including scan-copies of relevant tax invoices and other docs
  • then, submit their claim, linked to your Xero accounting system, for easy processing of expense claims
  • a person entitled to authorise the claim will approve/disapprove the Claim
  • admin/bookkeeping team arrange payment of the approved expense claims


  • Faster expense capture
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Simple and intuitive workflows
  • Greater insights and powerful analytics
  • Simplified processes and workflows, accurate recording in accounts system

Expenses App subscriptions are payable monthly in advance, and will be billed by Benkorp to your Church:

$5 per user

Xero Set Up

The setup process has 7 easy steps:

  1. Simply, you read the Descriptions here about the services available
  2. Complete an Order Form for your Xero Package and include any Additional Services that you require.
  3. After this, Benkorp will respond to your Order with a Request for Details form asking for the relevant information about the accounting and bookkeeping of your church to inform the background of the Xero setup specifically for your church.
  4. When the setup is completed Benkorp will send you an invitation to access the Xero system of your church.
  5. You accept the Invitation. Then you are ready to start your training and/or continue to customise the Xero for your church and proceed with bookkeeping activities
  6. Reference to “Church Standard Chart of Accounts”, means your denomination’s standard CoA or Benkorp’s general church standard. The standard CoAs are current and have been developed over many years of working with churches and denominations.
  7. Additional special setup service for Payroll


There are 4 setup Packages to choose from:


  • use the Church Standard Chart of Accounts
  • basic Tracking Category set up for separate reporting, such as departments, ministries, properties, activities, events, missions
  • payroll basic setup, including a minister’s basic pay setup
  • assistance to set up automatic bank feeds (or export-import for non-compliant banks)

Basic setup fee: $495 (Prices excl GST)


  • use the Church Standard Chart of Accounts
  • basic Tracking Category set up for separate reporting, such as departments, ministries, properties, activities, events, missions
  • assistance to set up automatic bank feeds (or export-import for non-compliant banks)
  • opening balances entered, mapped from your previous chart of accounts
  • customise a Basic Sales Invoice format

BasicPLUS setup fee: $745 (Prices excl GST)


  • migrate up to the past 2 years transactions from 1 x MYOB to Xero (depends on last “rollover” date)
  • make necessary adjustments to complete Xero Setup
  • See notes here for more details: Migrate from MYOB to Xero FAQs

Note: A datafile Migration may not be the best approach for all churches with existing MYOB datafiles. This will be determined in discussion with Benkorp on a case-by-case basis:

C. Migrate one existing PC-MYOB file to Xero fee: $495 (Prices excl GST)

D. Migrate one existing Mac-MYOB file to Xero fee: $795 (Prices excl GST)

Please note:
1. The MYOB datafile migration service is extremely good when the data and the chart of accounts in your MYOB datafile is clean. If this is not the case, this may be a good opportunity to start afresh.
2. Sometimes the migration service will not be possible or may cost additional fees.
For example, this service is not possible if:
- the file is over 800MB.
- has complicated inventory eg negative inventory or o Multi-currency or multi-locations
- Is n MYOB Essential File
- Includes WET/WEG taxes
- some unusual Tax Rates
- there are more that 500 Jobs/Categories
- some corrupted data files cannot be migrated
- the MYOB file version is to old
Additional charges if:
- there are more than 100 jobs/Categories
- the file is greater than 350MB
Please note that there may be other reasons that we cannot migrate the MYOB datafile or we need to charge additional fees.
We will notify you before we proceed, if this occurs


  • convert your current church Xero system to the Church Standard Chart of Accounts
  • includes conversation with your liaison person to confirm mapping (max 45 mins)
  • make adjustments to existing accounts eg Journals if required
  • review and correct Advanced and Organisation Settings as necessary

Convert one existing Xero file to Church standard setup, fee: $395 (Prices excl GST)


There is a special setup service for Payroll

This is for a church who prepares any payroll locally:

  • the basic payroll facility is included in the
  • Xero Basic and BasicPlus Setup packages
  • migration from MYOB
  • setup additional employees using the Benkorp payroll forms:
  • employee all details
  • payroll
  • payroll benefits
  • carried forward balances

Fee for each additional employee: $60 per employee (Prices excl GST)

Descriptions of the

Bookkeeping and

Accounting for Churches

Ongoing Bookkeeping and Accounting

The pain in DIY bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and the work associated with it is often a chore for people around a church who feel bogged down week after week with paperwork,

  • BAS and compliance requirements for the ATO,
  • regular (monthly) finance reports,
  • payments to be made
  • customer invoices to be raised 

This is the service that can free-up your volunteers and staff so that they can get on with the ministry and mission of your church


The Benkorp bookkeeping service

Using a bookkeeping service will alleviate the pressures on a local Church to find and retain their own bookkeeper, accountant and/or treasurer – whether that person is staff or volunteer.

Our church clients find this very helpful because it is becoming increasingly difficult for churches to find members who have the time, capacity or expertise to maintain the bookkeeping and accounting.

This is an increasingly complex area of church life and people don’t need to be stressed with these pressures.

Members of the congregation want to enjoy church life and express their faith in serving people and the community.


Up-to-date accounts and compliance

Current and accurate accounts allows the church to

  • stay up-to-date with all the compliance updates such as ATO and ACNC,
  • make payments on time,
  • ensure that users of church facilities are invoiced for their usage and
  • monitor income offerings and donations,
  • prepare reports for local committees and the denominational head o


Find out more now

Simply contact the Benkorp Team to discuss your situation and requirements.

Our team is ready to help you and your church so that your needs for proper financial management are well served.


Fees for ongoing bookkeeping

Based on your Requirements Questionnaire, Benkorp prepares a presentation for your church. After discussion and agreement with you a fee is agreed

The fee is an annual fee for all services provided by Benkorp and then invoiced to the church monthly


There are 2 Service Plan options:

  • Full Service - Benkorp maintains all the bookkeeping, finance compliance requirements and prepare regular reporting for the council/board
  • Shared Service - your church and Benkorp share the bookkeeping and accounting following an agreed schedule with clear processes


Make life easier for the current  treasurer and the next treasurer

Often the role is quite onerous and avoided by members of the church.

Therefore, by implementing a plan for ongoing services the church management will make it much easier for your church to attract a treasurer. Using specialised outsourced services relieves that pressure and need for a treasurer to have bookkeeping, accounting and financial expertise. They can fulfil their role by liaising with this outsourcing service provided by Benkorp.


Consider one of the 2 plans and discuss with us how your church could take advantage of the service



A complete online service provided by Benkorp, using the Xero Accounting system, including:

  • Income – offerings, donations, rentals and hires
  • Bill (supplier invoices) processing and payments
  • Bank entries
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Payroll processing and related requirements with employee portal
  • Superannuation
  • Month-end reconciliations
  • Reporting - local councils, boards, committees external obligations
  • ATO including BAS
  • Worker’s Compensation form completion
  • Liaise with, and prepare for, your financial year-end audit/assurance
  • Annual review meetings with your treasurer/team and more

Book a Discovery Session with one of the Benkorp Team 



The local church is responsible for some of the basic administrative and bookkeeping functions using the Xero UCAP system.

  • This is a great way to save money if you have a savvy admin person on staff or volunteering.
  • Benkorp will complete the remaining financial management functions as agreed, and Benkorp provides the training and support to enable a team effort.

Book a Discovery Session with one of the Benkorp Team 



At your request for Benkorp to work through accounting issues and troubleshooting.

Relates to “technical” accounting and bookkeeping issues rather than simply Xero procedures. These maybe too difficult or complicated for your staff or volunteers to resolve without assistance.

May include matters such as:

  • resolving reconciliation issues,
  • extended investigation and highlighting of problems with transactions,
  • matters arising from an assurance review, ongoing review or audit

Clients with another form of Benkorp Agreement, fees $135 per hour

Clients without another Benkorp Agreement, ie ad hoc, fees $150 per hour

Note: if your church is not yet using Xero, this is the best opportunity to start.

Simply complete an Order Form for a Standard Package


Note: All prices Exclude GST

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