Financial Management for the

Uniting Church

Let’s talk about streamlining your church’s accounting

Benkorp & the Uniting Church

Benkorp has been working with the Uniting Church for over 25 years
We have a passion to raise the standard of financial management for His Glory! . The Uniting Church Administration Package (UCAP) is an easy to use supported bookkeeping & accounting system designed for Uniting Church Congregations.
We understand how demanding the responsibilities are in a church and especially for volunteers.

Change of Treasurer or need a fresh start in your church accounts?

Benkorp can set up a new fresh accounting system that is built to last for the long term and will streamline your reporting internally & externally.

Do you need help with your bookkeeping and accounting?

Are you having any difficulty keeping up-to-date with the accounts or reporting?

When you need some help or a change in the way you have been managing your finances Benkorp is available to take over all or part of your bookkeeping and accounting functions. Available for temporary support or regular ongoing bookkeeping.


Do you want training to ensure that everything is being done properly and efficiently as possible?

We can provide training and support for your volunteers and staff to ensure that your congregation’s obligations to the ATO and UR or UFS are met.

We can help you ensure that you receive accurate financial information efficiently so that you can manage the finances of the congregation properly.

Present timely, relevant, accurate, and including budget comparisons for your members or Church Council. The Annual Financial Return (AFR) for UR is prepared as a standard report.

From Our Uniting Church Customers


“Sydney Presbytery’s Standing Committee recently undertook a formal assessment of our organisational capacity. One key outcome of that survey was outstanding results in the area of Financial Management: our systems, budgeting and decision-making. We are grateful for our strategic partnership with Benkorp, our shared use of Xero accounting software, and the strong working relationship Benkorp maintain with our Business Manager.

Thanks to all at Benkorp for your professional and efficient services that help produce these outstanding results.”

Kent Crawford
UCA Sydney Presbytery

“Yes I was unsure about using Benkorp as I have tried to work with other systems in the past and found them difficult to master. However I had taken on the position of Treasurer at our Church and the Committee were keen to go in this direction.
Whilst I have found it very challenging I have enjoyed reaching a level where I can use the system and have since decided to use Xero for my personal Superfund.
I would Recommend Benkorp to others as I have found Jeanette and Karen very supportive through my learning.” David Elphick


St Andrews South Turramurra UCA

“When our church decided to change the way the accounts are being kept, I did my research.  I have quite a lot of accountant friends who helped me along to make my decisions.  I contacted the various other Uniting Church Treasurers for their advice and am pleased to state that the recommendation was Benkorp….Cecil was great.  He was patient and educated me along the way, as my background is not accounting.  So for me from the get go, the experience in dealing with Benkorp has been nothing but a pleasure.
I was introduced to Jeanette and she’s a gem, a great asset to the company.  There were many a questions and I am sure I must have provided much frustration but she was very patient and forthright with giving information…. I must have hassled Jeanette so much but not once was she rude.  She even sent her responses during the weekend.  That is putting the customer first, very rare these days.
It was the people that I dealt with, that helped decide to go ahead with Benkorp.  A package can be great but if I can’t get the assistance required, the exercise will become futile…My dealings with Benkorp have been great and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.
The whole process was so smooth and the staff at Benkorp were amazing.  Let me sum it up by saying that it has been a great journey, an experience I value immensely.”Dhammika Singham


Cherrybrook UCA

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