Preparing the transition from 2021 into 2022

As we watch the waves wash away the remnants of 2021 are you looking to see what is revealed in 2022?
Now is not the time to slacken off the momentum of 2021 or reinvigorate momentum.While 2021 has been a rough year, or 2 years for many people when we include 2020, it has caused many people and churches and organisations to toughen up.

During this time it has been necessary to review most of our internal operations – resources, procedures and processes. Now it’s a hop-step-and-a-jump into 2022.
It is now the time to count down for your hop, prepare for the step and then be ready to jump into 2022

What can be done to consider 2022 your best year yet?

What does all this mean?
It’s time to get ready for a great year in 2022 and now is the time to prepare
Just because it may have been a tough period leading up to this, now is not the time to dwell on that and become despondent. 

Reasons to be optimistic for 2022

Review what has been learned in the past year or 2 about managing the church and the finances
How have you pivoted into new ways of being a church community?
Maybe it’s related to technology and worship services, internet management of church activities and oversight of members, new forms of connect-small groups and so much more.I love this from, Psalm 98:1-2, and especially at Christmas and the expectation for a new year (MSG, has a fresh perspective on this well known scripture)

“Sing to God a brand new song.
He’s made a world of wonders!
He rolled up His sleeves,
He set things right.
God made history with salvation
He showed the world what He can do.”

So, what are we going to do to “sing a new song”, do new things, do better things – in 2022?

The Lord has always encouraged, empowered and resourced His people to do better. It’s time to believe this for us, for you and your church for 2022

There are at least 5 ways to prepare for 2022 to be a “best year”

1. Review and set goals

Did you set goals and/or a budget for 2021?
Now is the time to review and assess the results of the activities. Be careful not to be judgemental in this process, rather it is time to be prepared to find lessons to learn and take note of as they may apply going forward.
What adjustments are need to improve those activities or n to repeat tham at all?
Based on this review it is possible to set some new goals for 2022.
What are some activities and outlooking ideas that will stretch the people and the church?

2. Evaluate how your church is contributing to the community

This will involve both the church community of people as well as the wider community that the church seemed to serve. The church community may also include the wider church where your church is part of a denomination or network of churches.
The wider community will involve the immediate community – town, suburb or city – as well as missional activity in other places or internationally.
What are the needs ‘out there’, how are we serving, and how can we serve better or more?
In our area there is a lot of new commercial and residential development in progress. There is a lot of change in the needs in the community. It is incumbent on the local churches to review their posture towards the people of the community.

3. Evaluate the skills of your church-members

There will have been changes in the membership and people who call your church home during recent times – new people, people gone.
Is there a lot of change in demographics of your area, especially resulting from “the great resignation”? Are there likely to be more changes in your church’s demographic in 2022?
What skills do you have now? and into 2022?
A key challenge for churches is to maximise the capacity of volunteers towards the mission of the church and not get distracted with mundane and routine jobs – like bookkeeping.
I have been visiting an area where there is a lot of new industry being developed. This will attract thousands of people to the area – lots of skills and capacities. It is a real challenge for the local churches to outreach to these new people and encourage them to participate their skills through volunteering.

4. Assess your Church’s online presence

Visitors, people looking for their new church to belong to, as well as the current members, all are increasingly using the internet for their information about the local Church.
I am amazed about the number of churches who don’t maintain the information of their online presence. Check the portraits of staff, in-house meeting times, and what community services are available. Another essential is easy contact info and a process for prompt followup is operating.
Presence includes: website, Facebook page, (and Instagram if choosing this)
When was the last update? When was the last blog or podcast if you publish these?
If you have any of these it is essential to maintain them and now is the time to set a schedule for regular maintenance. If you are not longer publishing content then maybe delete the old out-of-date content.
Ensure the the information is current and meaningful – time for an update
Maybe it’s time to find out what people in the church find most helpful and also find out what would be helpful for people in the wider community. Use this information to review the church’s internet presence.

5. Review the church’s financial management

Well you might say, “oh no, not this again!”
During the last 2 years the finances have been stretched and under a lot of strain, so many people are inclined to want to leave this alone and simply “take it as it comes”. Some people will suggest it’s too difficult to predict how the finances will go in 2022, so let’s wait and see.
However, all of this impresses us that it is essential for a church or organisation to review everything about the finances. Here are some starter points:

    • Do a ‘deep dive’ into the income – look at each aspect such as the tithes and offerings, how are you going with the changeover to online giving? Do you need to do more promotion of the “how to give online”, especially realising there are new people now connected to the church and maybe some are online attendees
    • What is happening to the other income streams – how are they being managed, do the procedures need to be updated/changed?
    • What are the possibilities for new or varied opportunities for other income streams in 2022? Look around the resources of the organisation and seek the wisdom of God in these matters
    • Since the governments have been giving support funds – have we taken full advantage of these? have we pivoted so that we are ready if such/new programs are reinstated

I’m sure you can take it from here and move-on with a thorough review and exercise your collective faith to look forward for vision

Closing thoughts and encouragement

We realise it is not easy for you as the treasurer, bookkeeper and/or volunteer to instigate or even lead such a Transition from one year into the next. You may hear that other voice, “oh, you couldn’t do that you‘re only – – – -“. Don’t believe such lies. Remember David was the shepherd boy, the disciples were ‘only’ ordinary people until the followed Jesus – we’re all just the same. You are like that too.
I find it important to remember: “God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!” Eph 3:20
This is where our hope is for 2022

Share this blog with others, plant some seeds of hope about an intentional transition into 2022. You can do it.

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