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Simpler BAS

Q. What is Simpler BAS?

You might have heard about Simpler BAS, the ATO’s initiative to make it easier for small businesses to complete their Business Activity Statement.
From 1 July 2017, small businesses will have less GST information to report on their BAS. This reduces the need to have so many GST tax rates in Xero. As a result, Xero has introduced the option to apply basic GST rates.  We suggest using basic GST rates from now on as it will help simplify your data entry in Xero.
If you select the basic tax rates option, Xero retains these rates:
  • BAS Excluded
  • GST Free Expenses
  • GST Free Income
  • GST on Expenses
  • GST on Income
  • GST on Imports

Xero archives these advanced tax rates:

  • GST on Capital
  • GST Free Capital
  • Input Taxed
  • GST on Capital Imports
  • GST Free Exports

Custom rates you’ve created aren’t affected.

You don’t need to do anything to access Simpler BAS reporting.  If you lodge online and are eligible for Simpler BAS the ATO will automatically send you a BAS requiring less GST information.

You will only need to complete the G1 Total Sales,  1A GST on Sales,  1 B GST on Purchases.
Small businesses with a GST turnover of less than $10 million are eligible for Simpler BAS.

Simpler BAS Video

Q. Is there GST on Hall Hire?
Hire of a hall is subject to GST unless the amount charged is less than 50% of market rent.
GST is not charged for transactions between entities eg Uniting Churches & Uniting Church Organisations,  Anglican Churches & Anglican Organisations.  You should use BAS Excluded for these transactions.

GST Guidelines produced by Sydney Anglican Diocese 

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