Frequently Asked Questions about

Bookkeeping & Accounting Options

These are some of the most commonly asked questions.
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Q: Benkorp provides Bookkeeping & Accounting services, can this be shared to reduce costs?

A: Yes. Benkorp can provide all or some of the ongoing financial management work for your organisation. Please see below some options.


Benkorp ongoing Bookkeeping & Accounting service options:

Benkorp Services Accounts Receivables Accounts Payables Payroll Reporting Year end Review & advise Support
Full Benkorp Benkorp Benkorp Benkorp N/A N/A
Partial You Benkorp Benkorp Benkorp N/A Yes
Joint You You Benkorp Benkorp Yes Yes
Review You You You You Yes Yes
Support You You You You No Yes

Q: Can Benkorp provide a chart of accounts for us to use?

A: As part of a new system set up, Benkorp can provide the following Chart of Accounts to help you have a good fresh start:

  • Small business template that can be customised for your business
  • NFP template that can be customised for your business
  • ACNC Standard Chart of Accounts
  • SAPAS – Sydney Anglican Standard Chart of Accounts
  • UCAP – previous NSW Uniting Church Standard Chart of Accounts – based on the ACNC standard
  • Generic Church Chart of Accounts based on the SAPAS Standard Chart of Accounts

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