How will the Church survive financially?

This question arises as we consider the impact of CV19 on church finances.

We need to help church members maintain their financial support of their church’s ministry activities. The church can only maintain the ministry and missional activities when there are sufficient financial resources.

The irony of course is that when the resources are strained in times like this there is even more demand for support and assistance for people.

Why is this important now?

One of the impacts of this current “self isolation and self quarantine” environment and restrictions on public meetings is the reduction in offerings received by the church.

Actually, maintaining the regular ongoing giving in financial support of church finances is just as essential now as at any other time.

It is easy for finance people to talk about “giving online”, however it is not so easy to implement this across all the church congregations.

How to setup online giving

The finance team of the church can investigate methods available for people to give to the church.

There are many ways to setup an online giving system for your church. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Some churches prefer to have a dedicated bank account specifically to receive all online giving. Then the funds for various departments of the church can be clearly accounted for. It may also help with privacy control.
  2. Invite givers to setup their giving as “recurring” for their preferred period (eg weekly, fortnightly monthly) in their prefer giving method
  3. Ask givers to use a special code or project name on their payments – use particular codes for various giving options, such as “camp Nov2020”, tithe, offering, building fund

Platform and apps to facilitate the online giving for your church

Review your church’s website to find which “donation apps” are compatible

Systems/apps for online giving

Bank deposit/transfer

  • promote the designated bank account that will receive their giving. Ask givers to use a special code/project on their bank transfers

Credit card

  • clearly identify which credit card system/s the church can process (can accept), eg Visa, Card, Amex
  • Invite CC payers to cover the card fee in their payment
  • Again, ask givers to use a special code/project on their payments

For Xero users, be sure to check the Xero “app marketplace” for apps known to be compatible with your accounting system. Such apps will simplify the bookkeeping of giving. Examples:

  • Elvanto – a complete donations management system
  • Stripe – simple payment and giving gateway
  • – simple system/gateway specifically for giving
  • Paypal – common system/gateway not specifically for giving
  • MoGiv – simple system/gateway specifically for giving

Get started now and you could have your new systems operating very soon.

We recommend Redde ( a product of Verto Group, an Australian company committed to supporting churches and NFPs. 

Redde is their payments platform for Churches and Non-Profits built to take the hard work out of accepting online donations.

With Redde you can accept with ease:

  • one-time donations,
  • recurring credit card donations

Many very useful features and especially for Benkorp clients:

  • easy reconciliation with Xero
  • can be connected through your church’s website (ask Verto Group)
  •  next day settlements as standard!

Find out more at or email Simon and his team at [email protected] and mention Benkorp

By implementing online giving facilities for the people of your church you will rejuvenate the giving for your church’s finances despite the current community environment. This will also setup giving practices that can be sustained into the future.