SAPAS Service Descriptions

Service Descriptions for the Sydney Anglican Parish Accounting System Package (SAPAS)

New Accounting System Set Up

The following services will be provided for local Parishes in this project using Benkorp Management Services.

  1. Simply read the Descriptions here about these services, and then complete an Order Form for the Xero Package and include any Additional Services that you require. 
  2. After this, Benkorp will respond to your Order with a Questionnaire asking for all the relevant details about the finances of your church.
    With all this information Benkorp will continue the setup of your Xero accounting system.
  3. When the setup is completed Benkorp will send you an invitation to access the Xero system for your church.

The Xero Set Up

The SAPAS packages to choose from:


  • using the SAPAS standard Chart of Accounts from SDS
  • basic Minister  ‘general payroll’ set-up appropriate for Sydney Anglican Diocese 
  • basic Tracking Category set up for separate reporting, such as departments, ministries, properties, activities, events, missions
  • assistance to set up automatic bank feeds as applicable


  • BASIC XERO SET UP (As above) +
  • opening balances entered for you, using the SAPAS Chart of Accounts (Trial Balance, Bank Recs, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable)
  • your starter Tracking categories (Jobs)
  • sales Invoice format basic set-up
  • payroll setup is not included in the Basic Xero Package.

Set up Payroll in Xero and Employee Details including opening balances


  • to the SAPAS standard Chart of Accounts from SDS
  • make adjustments to existing accounts eg Journals if required
  • review and correct Payroll set up as required
  • review and correct Advanced and Organisation Settings as necessary


  • Migrate up to the past 2 years transactions from 1 x  MYOB to Xero
    Note, Mac conversions additional cost
  • make necessary adjustments to complete the Xero Setup
  • convert the existing CoA to the SAPAS standard CoA from SDS
  • Migrate from MYOB to Xero FAQs
  • Note: This may not be the best approach for all churches with existing MYOB datafiles and will be determined on a case by case basis


Xero subscriptions are payable monthly in advance.  Benkorp will invoice your Parish each month. The subs amount is based on the number of active employees on Payroll on your church’s Xero datafile.  When you are not using Xero Payroll the number is 0.

Training with Benkorp is specifically focused for church accounting and how this is implemented in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. Examples are specific and include any relevant forms and reports.
The Xero accounting system is made relevant for your Parish in your Diocese.

Aspects of the training can include: how to get the best results from full use of the CoA, how to best use Tracking Categories, how to bill customers for use of church facilities, how to manage minister’s payroll and MEA, as well as cover your particular concerns.

These are the training options
Benkorp uses the Zoom platform for Online Training. You will find this easy to use and provides for easy interaction between yourself with your computer and your trainer at Benkorp.
Shared screen allows the you and the trainer to identify and share any questions or issues.

Training and Support online – Business Hours, minimum 1 hr and prefer 1 or 2 people to take advantage of the access and interactions
Training and Support Package online – Business Hours, Packs of 2 hours and prefer 1 or 2 people at each session
Training and Support online – outside business hours minimum 1 hr and prefer 1 or 2 people to take advantage of the access and interactions

Group Training onsite  – this will be coordinated with you for availability of facilities at the venue of your choice, and Benkorp’s trainers.  Benkorp has provided such training for groups of related churches and regions.


  • Free email Support (included for users who setup and/or subscribe to Xero with Benkorp)
    – email support (limited number per month) 
  • Support Subscription with Benkorp Includes all of the free support Plus:
    email support limited
    – Phone support (reasonable per month)
  • access to Benkorp’s Frequently Asked Questions as a resource
  • free access, by your representative, to the “Church Accounting closed Facebook Group” for discussions and input.  This is a support group for people involved in the accounting bookkeeping and treasurer roles in their church.  Input from Benkorp and discussion amongst your peers.  See how others deal with issues and share your experiences or ask for ideas.
  • monthly news updates
  • access to Xero online support notes and chat

Additional Services
To order any of these services please complete an Order Form or Requirements Form

To find out more about any of these services please submit a Contact Us from or call direct (1300 138 627) and speak to a Benkorp Staff person.
NOTE:  all of Benkorp’s training and support resources are specific for churches and NFPs (not mixed with general business and SMB issues)

Review & Recommendations Program
Churches take this opportunity when there is a need to ensure accounts and reports are correct on a monthly basis
Up to 1 hour Monthly Review with recommendations for Account improvements. 
Unlimited email support  Free Access to our Church Accounting Facebook Group for discussions and input.

The following services are paid by the local church

  • Additional Training and support as required
  • Benkorp  provides  specialist online bookkeeping and accounting services for churches
    Churches can contract with Benkorp to provide outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Ongoing bookkeeping and accounting services – Full or Shared Service  (see notes below here)
  • Benkorp also provides expert training for church leaders and teams on:
    • Finance for non-finance people, a Workshop for your church;  including basics of the Xero system, how to read and understand your church’s financial reports 
    • how to improve your administration and financial management methods
    • financial Management specifically for churches, and customised for your local Parish.  A Workshop for your committees, wardens, staff, Management team
  • Access to the Expenses App, linked to your Xero accounting, for easy processing of expense claims by ministers, staff and volunteers. Saves time and expense in managing, controlling and processing expense claims. 
  • Review and Recommendations
    Churches take this opportunity when there is a need to ensure the accounts and reports are correct on a monthly basis. Up to 1 hour monthly review with recommendations for accounts improvements.  Unlimited email support.  Free access to our Church Accounting Facebook Group for discussions and input.

What is a Monthly Ongoing Service ?

This service will alleviate the pressures on a local Parish to find and retain their own bookkeeper, accountant or treasurer – whether that person is staff or volunteer.

Our Church clients find this very helpful because it is becoming increasingly difficult for churches to find members who have the time, capacity or expertise to maintain the bookkeeping and accounting.

It allows the church to stay up-to-date with all the compliance updates such as ATO and ACNC, make payments on time, ensure that users of church facilities are invoiced for their usage and monitor income/offerings, prepare reports for local committees and the Diocesan Office. There are several service levels within the 2 options:


A complete online service provided by Benkorp, using the Xero SAPAS system, including:

  • Income – offerings, donations, rentals and hires
  • Bill processing and payments
  • Bank entries
  • Bank reconciliations
  • process Payroll and related requirements with employee portal, if applicable
  • Superannuation
  • Month-end reconciliations
  • Reporting
  • BAS
  • Worker’s Compensation form completion
  • Liaise with, and prepare for, your accountant for year-end audit
  • Annual review meetings and more

Complete a Requirements Questionnaire for review with the Benkorp team


The local church is responsible for some of the basic bookkeeping functions using the Xero SAPAS system.  This is a great way to save money if you have a savvy admin person on staff or volunteering.

Benkorp will complete the remaining financial management functions as agreed.

Benkorp provides the training and support to enable a team effort.

Complete a Requirements Questionnaire for review with the Benkorp team

Simply complete an Order Form for the Standard Package and include any Additional Services that you require.