JobKeeper 2 (Extension)* – Xero will be ready real soon!
Xero Webinars are coming soon, you need to register NOW

This information and the Webinars are essential for people managing your own JobKeeper 2

The ATO has released a lot of guidance about the details of the JobKeeper 2.0 extension that begins at the end of September.
Xero Payroll will be updated very soon.

The key changes for employers are:

    1. You must demonstrate a decline in actual GST turnover relative to a comparable period, as opposed to a projected decline as you did under the first phase of JobKeeper, and
    2. JobKeeper payments for employees will depend on the total hours worked during a specific period, with employers assigning each nominated worker to one of two tiers.

Benkorp will send updated details soon.


Xero Updates

1. Xero Webinars to register for NOW.
    Xero will be holding webinars on

    • September 23 and 30 , and
    • October 2 and 7.


To register for these, log into your Xero:

    • Click on your picture or initials on the top right-hand corner
    • Select Learning (Xero Central)
    • In the search field type JobKeeper and enter
    • Click on the link and register for the available webinar





2. Xero system updates for JobKeeper 2 will be available in Thursday 24th Sept

As usual, Xero will make it very easy to assign a Tier to a JobKeeper recipient.
Have a preview of how we will enter the Tier information for each eligible employee.

Simply choose an employee and click Set Tier. If you make a mistake, you can click on the overflow menu (the three dots on the right) and change the Tier. Next, choose the correct Tier from the dropdown list. 

When you file your next pay run after you have updated (with details above here), Payroll will assign the correct codes to the eligible employee. 

The same process applies for an employee that you’re newly nominating for JobKeeper. You can start them on JobKeeper and set the Tier at the same time.

On the Single Touch Payroll page, you’ll be able to see your submission with the full CSV if you’d like to check what was sent to the ATO. 

See this Xero blog for more details –

*common practice now refers to JobKeeper Extension as JobKeeper 2 (simplicity prevails)