The next step on our JobKeeper process is upon us now.
It is time to enrol your organisation for JobKeeper payment NOW.
You can now enrol with the ATO for the JobKeeper payment using the ATO Business Portal NOW

By now you have already:

    • Determined if your organisation is eligible for JobKeeper Payments – click here for details
    • Determined which employees are eligible – click here for more details
    • Determined which employees will require a JobKeeper Top-up payment

If your organisation is eligible for JobKeeper Payments, you must now Enrol for your JobKeeper Payment. To receive payments for the 2 fortnights from 30 March to 26 April in early May, you need to enrol by 30  April.
Note: all payroll and JobKeeper payments require PayDates not period worked dates

When you are in your ATO Business Portal – go to the JobKeeper section
The Enrolment process asks for the following information:

    • Is your organisation an ACNC registered organisation
    • Your organisation’s Bank Details
    • The month Turnover Declaration
    • The estimated number of employees who will be eligible:
      • for the first JobKeeper fortnight (30 March – 12 April) – use PayDates not period worked and
      •  the second JobKeeper fortnight (13 April – 26 April)) – use PayDates not period worked

Click here for some great detailed instructions on the ATO site
Click here for a PDF document that shows the JobKeeper Portal Steps on what you have to enter and declare in the Portal what the enrolment process looks like on the ATO site.

Next Steps after you have Enrolled

1. Set up your payroll system for Jobkeeper – Xero is ready for this now
2. Pay any JobKeeper Top-up Payments to the applicable employees for the 2 fortnights from 30 March – 26  April – By 30  April
3. Continue to pay your employees as usual including the top=up payments as required
4. Make sure that you file your STP payroll with the ATO asap after processing
5. From 4 May Complete monthly declaration via your pre-populated Business Portal Employee Listing ) – use PayDates not period worked


Xero has Made it easy for you to manage the JobKeeper Payments. We have created a Blog to tell you how:

Xero is Ready to Process your JobKeeper Top-up payments Now!

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