Xero  has launched a new  Expenses  feature for all  Xero  Standard or Premium Business edition subscriptions. With the new Expenses  feature, employees can capture receipts and submit claims for their work  expenses  with their mobile device.  


 Xero Expenses function allows: 

  • Users to enter & submit expense claims and upload pictures of the receipts/invoices 
  • Managers to approve/disapprove these expense claims 
  • Accounting/treasury team to organise payment of these approved expense claims 
  • The expense claim approval and payment process is properly recorded in the accounting system 

The new Xero Expenses offers organisations a more efficient way to manage expense claims with: 

  • Faster expense capture  to reduce data entry through automatic scanning of receipts, and eliminates the need to store paper versions. 
  • iOS and Android apps push notifications to let businesses, employees and advisors capture, submit and keep up to date on the status of expense claims from anywhere. 
  • More flexible user permissions  to give complete control of who can view, submit, and approve or pay an expense claim for or on behalf of someone else.  Learn more. 
  • Simple and intuitive workflows  to make it easy to see where an expense is at, review and approve all unpaid expenses, and create batch payments to get employees paid promptly. 
  • Greater insights and powerful analytics  to empower businesses and their advisors with a detailed and real-time understanding of spending habits and patterns. 

How it works 

  • Employees can capture receipts and submit claims for their work expenses with iOS and Android devices. 
  • Authorised approvers can review and approve expense claims, manage, pay and report on them. 
  • Administrators can separate claims into itemised lines to charge multiple accounts within one receipt.  
  • By enabling the new Xero Expenses feature, you are allowing a trusted third-party to convert your scanned receipt into text. 
  • Read more about how Expenses works on our  Xero.com blog.

For more information about the new Expense Claim function please click onto these links: 

Subscriptions to Xero Expenses are based on a fixed monthly fee and a per-user basis. The fee is $5 per user per month (Incl GST). 

This is a small fee for the amount of administrative time saved by both the employees, administration staff and managers 

Set up Xero Expenses 

There are several steps to set up this new feature 


Before you start the set up process we recommend that you first: 

  1. Agree on the Accounts that will be available to use on Expense claims 
  2. Decide on the the people to have Submit, Approve and Admin permissions. NB access to this new Expenses function is $5 incl GST per month per user 
  3. Add the new Expenses feature to your Xero business plan subscription – ask your subscriber to do this 

Set up in Xero 

When you are ready with the above information follow these steps 

  1. In the  Accounts  menu, select  Expense Claims. 
  2. Click  Get started now. 
  3. The screen you see is based on whether you have other users in your Xero organisation: 
    • If you’re the only user click  OK  to continue, or  invite new users to Xero  and give them  access to Expenses.  There are three  Expenses user roles  to choose from. 
    • If you have other users, select permissions for your individual team members, then click  Save roles.  If you don’t want to add other users to Expenses, click  Just me for now. 
  4. ​Select the accounts you want your team to use when creating expense claims, then click  Save accounts. 
  5. Click either: 
  • Enable receipt processing + manual entry  to upload receipt data by capturing an image of your receipts with your Android or iOS device. By enabling receipt processing, you’re allowing a trusted third party to access your receipt data so  it can be digitised as expense content in your Xero subscription. You also authorise  to enable this feature on behalf of your organisation. 
  • Manually enter information each time  if you prefer adding the data yourself. 
  • Add the new Expenses feature to your Xero business plan subscription – subscriber 
  • Users Download the Expenses app  for  Android  (Google Play website) or  iOS  (Apple website)  

Click  here  for more details on the set up process
Click  here  to add new users or modify the permissions of the existing users. 

Start Using Xero Expense 

Click  here  to learn about creating Expense Transactions 

More information on Active Users 

  • You can have 1 of 3  user roles. 
  • You’re considered an active user if you submit an expense for yourself, or someone else submits an expense on behalf of you in the month. 
  • You won’t be considered an active user if someone else views your previous expenses or if you’re approving or declining expense claims for others. 
  • If you only view expenses information, or run expenses-related reports in a month, you’re not considered an active user and won’t be billed that month. 
  • Non-subscribers only see the Expenses tab once the subscription has been added to their organisation and they’ve been given an Expenses admin user role. 

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